And The Lambs Came Two By Two

Nova had twins this morning! Two for two so far on my twinning rate this year!


“These are my babies! Don’t touch them!”

I haven’t checked if they’re rams or ewes, Nova is a very nervous mother and starts panicking every time I come any closer than the stall door, so I’m holding off for a while on actually scooping the babies up. She might have a total nervous breakdown or something, and I wouldn’t want that.

They’ve been pretty sleepy so I haven’t seen them nurse yet, but she’s got both of them tucked right up against her and every time she looked away for more than a few seconds she’d have to double and triple check that both lambs were still there, so that’s a good sign she’s accepted both.

Happy birthday, little ones!



11 thoughts on “And The Lambs Came Two By Two

    • Well, given that their mother is Nova, their grandmother is Princess, and their father is Duke, I’m guessing laid-back personalities for these two aren’t likely. 🙂

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