Climb Every Mountain

Upon this, their second morning of life, the twins watched in rapt fascination as I gave Lady her breakfast. They immediately began to investigate this (relatively) enormous pile of hay that suddenly appeared in their world, compared notes briefly, and mutually agreed that such a thing as this could only be one thing: a mighty mountain that must be climbed.

And thus they discovered the ancient, sacred and most splendid of all Splendid Games: King (or Queen) of the Hill. My sheep take this game very seriously. Even Duke has been known to play King of the Hill on occasion. Apparently the rules are written right into their DNA, because the twins dove right into the game without anyone showing them how.

A hay pile may not look like much of a hill, but it’s quite a challenge when you’re a baby lamb who’s barely mastered walking without doing a face-plant. Not to mention that Mama occasionally gets irritated that you’re climbing on her food and knocks you flying.

The baaing and banging noises in the video are mostly Mira running in circles around the barn rattling the doors and crying because I shut her out, and one loud bellow from Princess. I’m not sure what she was yelling about, she always “talks” a lot when she’s near the end of a pregnancy.

Lady still doesn’t seem to let Little Brother nurse, but he’s not acting like he’s hungry anymore, and he doesn’t seem to be getting weaker, so I guess he must be eating somehow. I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t getting milk he’d be in serious trouble by now, but as far as I can tell he’s a bouncy, active, perfectly normal lamb. I’m not sure what to think, but as long as he seems happy and healthy I’m just going to leave things be. They’ll stay in the jug until at least tomorrow, and I’m still keeping an eye on him, but I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ve dodged the bottle baby bullet. Hopefully.

As cute as these two are, I hope there aren’t any more twins this year. I don’t even have names yet for the two I already have, I don’t want to have to come up with names for six babies! At this rate they’re going to be Big Sister and Little Brother until they’re both grown.

Nova’s due date is tomorrow, but I’m not expecting her to lamb until next week at the earliest. Due dates are based on a 147 day gestation and my girls have usually averaged around 153 days, with a range of 151-156. Princess and Nova were bred within a few days of each other, so I’m not sure who will actually lamb first.


16 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. A baby cam? As a Premie nurse for over 25 years I’m always ‘freaking’ out when babies don’t eat 🙂 I am also surprised that the babies are interesting in eating Hay!! They are SO cute!

  2. I like the way they are trying (rather wobbly) to hop. Boy, you weren’t kidding about Mum head-butting! And here I thought Princess was the only diva.

  3. They really are cute. Who is their father? They don’t look all Soay, or am I imagining things?

    I very nearly ending up calling my bottle baby twins Himself and Herself, for lack of more “H” names and I did in fact call them Little Brother and Little Sister for a long time. The search for names can get old pretty fast, but you’ll think of something.

    • Duke is their father, he’s the only intact male at the moment. Aside from the baby boy. 🙂
      They’re purebred, they just look odd because of all the spots, which are recessive in Soays. They’ll look more like Soays when their horns come in. Assuming the ewe has horns… she might be scurred like Lady or polled like Mira.
      I had a name picked out for Lady’s baby, but then she went and had twins, and the name doesn’t fit either of them now. :/ I have a shortlist, I’m just narrowing it down.

  4. My boys snuggled in with me to read the latest post before bedtime, and then wouldn’t leave, but I threatened butting them off, and out they went, imitating leaping lambs.

    I lamb you not 😉

    Lord Spotty and Lady Lottie? Spot and Spotina? Merry and Pippina? His Spottiness and Her Dottiness?

    Oh dear, I’d best be off before you throw me out for very poor rhyming monikers and other silliness at the end of a long day,


  5. Awww, such cuties, of course I’m worried about the little guy. I’m sure you’ll take good care of him. My kids love to read your blog, esp the comments under the pictures. They havn’t seen the video yet, they are going to love it!!

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