Double Trouble

Mira did Not Like me paying so much attention to those two little squeaky things that showed up last night. She’s growing like crazy, but she still thinks she’s a baby.


“I’M the baby, Mommy! I’m still the baby, right? You don’t like them better, right?!”

The obligatory Mira picture. Technically she wasn’t the youngest for even 24 hours, but now she’s not the smallest anymore, either. And of course even if she isn’t the baby of the flock, she’ll always be my baby.

Lady, on the other hand, is still a bit gobsmacked about the whole twins thing. I told her on no uncertain terms she has to raise both, but I’m not sure yet if she believes me. She’s still convinced there must have been a mistake in accounting.


“Two? There can’t be two! This is my third go-around, I’m sure I’m only supposed to have to deal with one at a time!”


“Are you sure they’re both mine? Absolutely positive? Can I speak to customer service?”


“Maybe if I look again… nope, still two of them. Bummer.”

“Bummer”, by the way, is another term for a rejected lamb. Bummer indeed.


“Maybe if I ignore them the second one will go away.”

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! We’re hungry!”


“Sister’s down for a nap, but I’m still hungry! I’m going to scream until you feed me!”

“I still think there’s been a mistake somewhere, I didn’t sign up for two at a time!”

I’ve left them alone for a while, hoping they’ll sort it out themselves, but… anybody interested in raising an adorable spotted Soay baby boy, just in case?

*Update: Lady did let little brother nurse briefly, not as much or as often as he wanted, but if she’s feeding him at all he’ll be ok, even if I end up having to give him some supplements. I’ll give them an extra day in the jug, if Lady’s not rejecting him entirely she might like him better after a while. He’s a nice-sized vigorous lamb (for a twin ram), not a hypothermic fragile preemie like Mira, so he should be tough enough to make it outside, even if he’s not mama’s favorite.


6 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. Congratulations, Lady! You have lovely twins. The CEO has made it clear that these are your babies, and any claims to the contrary shall be summarily dismissed.

    I didn’t know Soays came in a spotted flavor. How handsome they are.

    Sure wish we could take a bottle baby but the law says thou shalt not keep livestock in town. Silly law.

    Sure hope little Ram is eating. Lady, do remember boys will always love their mamas, come what may.

    Very best,

    • Spots aren’t terribly common in Soays, I think it’s recessive. Mira’s twin had a mostly white head like this new guy, so Duke must carry the genes for heavy spotting. Lady probably does too, since she and Will both have white patches on their faces, and Will has some white freckles in his fleece. These new twins must have just gotten a double-dose of spot genes. 🙂

      I saw the boy nurse a little bit, so I’m hoping they’ll be ok… if she tolerates him at all I’d rather leave him outside with his sister than yank him away from the flock by making him a bottle baby. I’m hoping he can nurse enough to make it on his own, if I have to supplement him a little with a bottle, I will, but I’m not home enough anymore to raise him entirely myself.

  2. Gosh, I never knew the derivation of “Bummer;” thank you. Hmm, the name that sprang into my head from that word was “Bum Phillips, but I don’t think that suits the little ram. Unless he decides to be an offensive lineman and constantly head-butt Lady into giving him some milk.

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