Still no lambs. Technically Lady is due Friday, but the lamb probably won’t come until the middle of next week at least. Due dates for sheep are based on a 147 day gestation, but my girls have never carried their lambs less than 150 days, aside from the preemie twins last year. So I still have a few weeks of hungry, cranky, waddling beach balls to look forward to.


“No time to chat, we have to start grazing first thing in the morning! Grazing is time consuming when your belly is so big it’s hard to walk!”

Judging from the rear view, I’m pretty convinced at this point that Nova is pregnant. Oh well. New lambs are the best part of the year, so unplanned lambs are not the worst surprise in the world.


“Are they far enough away yet?”

The not-pregnant portion of the flock waits until the pregnant girls are far, far away before they dare beg for crunchies. Otherwise they tend to get flattened by the hungry mamas-to-be. Mira couldn’t wait, she was already nosing through my pockets.

Echo is settling in nicely, and Watcher has already filled him in on how important it is to escort me from the house to the field and back. They seem to think I’m severely directionally challenged.


“Come on, it’s this way! Don’t get lost!”

Echo’s still a little confused about the game of keep-away, mostly I think because Watcher plays keep-away with everything from frisbees to leaves, and Echo doesn’t seem to understand the concept of pretending that a usually worthless item is worth fighting over. I’ve decided not to try explaining the concept of fiat money to him.

He’s getting pretty good at tag, though. They’ll be walking along beside me, then they’ll “accidentally” bump into each other, wrestle for a few seconds in mock offence, then run at top speed in big circles. Occasionally they’ll “catch” each other, play bite at each other’s ears and ruff a bit, and then take off again. They run pretty close together and it’s not always clear who’s chasing who, so I’m not sure if the run-tussle-run routine is tag without much tagging, or racing with a lot of cheating.


“Run run run, as fast as you can!”


“You can’t catch m-ooff! You did catch me!”


“Well I bet you can’t catch me again!”

“Hey, I thought you were supposed to be ‘it’ now!”

Watcher’s going to be in good shape, running around with someone who can actually keep up!


8 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. So your woolly “beach balls” are not only rotund but also grumpy? I hope they do you the favour of easy lambing! Tell them their next set of crunchies is riding on it.

    • They’re perpetually uncomfortable when they’re that big, and that makes them grumpy. They stir around for ages, getting up and down and pawing the ground, trying to get comfortable so they can sleep or chew cud.
      I hope for easy lambing as well!

  2. That is funny, waiting for the ‘big’ ones to get out of the way before begging for crunchies!! Who says they don’t know what is what? I love seeing dogs play like that.

  3. Love seeing your collies. When my collie “leads” me, I always tell him I am herding the herder. He learned it well, so it works to send him ahead when he gets all draggy paws.

    • Draggy paws, that’s a good description! We always say they look like they just finished swimming the English Channel when they wear themselves out and start drooping. 🙂

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