They Never Grow Up

I swapped the boys over to the field the girls were supposed to be in, since the girls weren’t using it anymore and the ram pen was getting crowded. I’d like to move a few of the wethers over with the boys before the new lambs get here, since there are now more boys in the girls flock than in the boys flock  and they’re starting to get too rowdy for the pregnant ewes to handle.

The wethers will no doubt be displeased by this, but I keep telling them they’re going to have to move out of their mother’s basement eventually. Neo probably won’t mind too much, he’s done the whole “move out while younger sibling is little” thing before, and he’s been hinting he’d like to go play with his friend Liam lately, sparring back and forth through the fence.

Having the boys in the ewe pen means the ewes now have access to the former ram pen, so today was all about exploring.


“Forward March!”

Princess leads the First Exploratory Expedition.



Then the First Exploratory Expedition got hungry and decided to mug me for crunchies. I resisted the urge to turn and flee for my life.

Since the weather was nice and this week is spring break, I decided to pull out the camp chair and a book. I have never ever once managed to peacefully read a book in that chair while out with the sheep, but for some reason I keep trying.


“Yummy book!”

Princess thinks paranormal investigations is a genre she could really sink her teeth into.


“Are you watching, Mommy?”

Mira decided to try her hand (hoof?) at tree climbing.


“I can climb higher than you!”

It was quickly decreed to be a Splendid Game. Mira got tired of tree climbing, ran over to me and crawled into my lap. Incidentally knocking my book out of my hand and onto the ground. Being a yearling now means that she can go back and forth from an independent grown-up ewe to a clingy baby girl whenever it suits her.


“Laps are for sleepy lambies, not for boring old books!”

At least she didn’t eat my book this time, although she did use it as a pillow once I’d picked it up and dusted it off.


“No reading. Only cuddles.”

No reading, only cuddles. Got it.

Nobody had better give me another bottle baby this year, I don’t think Mira  would tolerate any competition for my lap.


7 thoughts on “They Never Grow Up

  1. The pen switch appears to be a pleasant adventure…

    She is spilling out of your lap, but looks perfectly happy. This is the first time I’ve seen an almost-grown sheep lap-sit. Is this another Mira miracle, or does it happen occasionally?

    Very best,


    • She does spill out of my lap, but like a large dog held as a puppy, she doesn’t seem to notice. She’s really too big to fit, but she manages the best she can. 🙂
      I don’t know if lap-sitting at her age is unusual or not, since the only other bottle baby I have to compare her to is Princess. Johnny will sometimes put his front hooves in my lap and poke me in the face with his nose, but that’s not quite the same.
      Princess never sat in my lap at all, but she would nap next to me until she was around six months old, then she stopped. But I wasn’t really her “mommy”, since I wasn’t the one that bottle raised her, and Princess doesn’t have as affectionate a personality as Mira to begin with, so I don’t know how valid the comparison is. I can’t really picture Princess wanting to be cuddled even as a baby! 🙂

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