Holding the Bag

This post was supposed to be titled “Why You Shouldn’t Leave The Bag Of Crunchies Unattended Where Baby Miracles Can Get To Them”, but WordPress said that was too long. Bah, what does WordPress know about titling things?

After luring everyone into the barn for their bedtime snack, I sat the bag of crunchies on a straw bale to shoo everyone into their assigned stalls. Before you feel too impressed by my animal training skills, I will admit that Princess the flock worked out the assignments themselves and get very upset with me if I try to rearrange them. The girls go in the Left Stall, and the boys go in the Right Stall, except for Nova who likes to stay with the boys and Neo who is occasionally (but not always) allowed to stay with the girls if Princess is feeling generous. My first lamb crop is apparently made up of nonconformists.

Mira has decided that her place is Outside of the Stall. Or, if forced, she will tolerate the little stall in the back as long as she has it all to herself. The upshot  is that while everyone else is being shuffled off to bed, Mira, to whom bedtime does not apply, is free to putter around and stick her little nose in things I’d rather she not stick her little nose in.


“Ooh, crunchies! Nom, nom, nommy!”

As a precaution against things like this upsetting any sheepy tummies, I keep an empty cereal bag on hand and only take a few handsful of crunchies with me at a time. Wouldn’t do for someone to inhale a full box in one go. And since everyone else had already gotten their bedtime snack, she only got the crunchies I was planning to give her anyway.


“Hey! It’s stuck!”

Little John and Neo wish she’d hold that bag close enough for them to grab it.


“If I tilt my head back, all the crumbs fall towards my mouth!”

Little John and Neo really want that bag. They probably could have pulled it off for her if she’d come close enough. I forgot a bag on the straw bale one night, and the next morning the bag had been pulled right through the stall wall and licked clean. Sometimes I think the sheep know some loopholes in the laws of physics.


“Mommy! You can have the bag back now, I don’t want it anymore!”

It is a fact known to children everywhere that their mothers are the proper receptacle for all empty food packages.


“Mommy! Help!”

Her (literally) blind rush was halted when she ran headlong into the barn door and bounced off, at which point I took pity on her and took the bag off her head. And then, since she’d eaten all of her crunchies and I didn’t have any more to bribe her with, I had to pick her up and carry her into her private stall.

She was aghast that I sent her to bed without crunchies.


6 thoughts on “Holding the Bag

    • She probably would have made herself sick if it’d been a full bag, but I only carry out what I plan on feeding them, and everyone else had already gotten their snacks so there was only a handful left in the bag when she, ah, appropriated it. 🙂

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