High Spirits

I had to stop and video the morning romp today. Who has this much energy at seven in the morning? I know I don’t.

Nova may be too grown up and dignified for lamb games, but Neo is a wether so he isn’t required to act his age and plays with the lambs regularly.

Bran and Johnny take their head bonking very seriously, while the Soay lambs do a lot more bouncing than butting.

Mount Doom remains a popular playground, although at this point it’s more of a mound than a mount. It’s the idea that counts.

Mira takes an occasional time out to check my pockets or further trample the already-flattened fence, but she still likes to bounce around with the boys. And butt Will a little. She’s getting braver about the whole head-butting thing. She’s not much for the whole back-up-and-charge sort of fight, but she’s getting good at springing sneak attacks. The other day she ran up, popped Princess right in the head, then jumped in the air and sprinted away before Princess could retaliate. I think that’s the sheep version of ringing and running.


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