Queen Regnant

The title queen regnant refers to a female ruler who holds the throne in her own right, not to be confused with a queen consort, who is the wife of a ruler, or a queen regent, who rules in her child’s place until he or she comes of age.

Today is Her Royal Woolliness Princess Hay Ewe’s third birthday. Princess was the only one of my original flock that came already named, and it’s still the longest name I’ve ever heard for an unregistered animal. It suits her perfectly, so much that sometimes I suspect she named herself.

She wasn’t terribly excited about her birthday, I suppose grown-up sheep aren’t interested in birthdays as much as lambs are. Once her crunchies were gone she didn’t stick around to be petted and fussed over, she just went off to graze, while keeping an eye on me from the corner of her eye to make sure I wasn’t giving anyone else crunchies. All crunchies are the property of the crown.


“I don’t need underlings to tell me I’m special, I already know it! And being petted and talked to doesn’t fill my belly!”

Something is clearly filling her belly, but I’m not 100% sure yet if she’s pregnant or just getting fat because she’s not pregnant. I think she might be starting to develop an udder though, so there may indeed be another royal woolly on the way.

I’m sure Princess will be simply thrilled to be a mother again. Or not so much. She loves her babies, but motherhood has a way of distracting her from important stuff like eating and making sure everyone knows she’s the boss. It’s a hard job keeping such rowdy underlings in line. Only a sheep born to rule could manage it.


4 thoughts on “Queen Regnant

  1. All hail Ovem Magnae! (“Great Ewe” for us serfs, who must dutifully adore Her Highness and give Her Highness crunchies, whether real or virtual.

    Anyone who says animals don’t have personalities must be thinking of amoebae, or is just stupid.

    • Animals definitely have personalities, I don’t know how anyone could think otherwise unless they’re deliberately closing their eyes. 🙂

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