Mira didn’t feel good yesterday morning, in turns acting droopy, spazzy and frantically clingy. She used to have “bad days” like that a lot when she was a lamb, but it’s been a long time since her last one and I’d hoped she was past it. She really wanted to stay in the barn, and she really wanted me to stay in the barn with her, but I had to go to work so she had to go out. She gave a very accurate imitation of a kicked puppy.

Speaking of kicked puppies, Watcher found half a tobacco stick somewhere, declared it the Best Toy Ever and was charging around in manic circles with it trying to get me to play. He shot past me at top speed (I’m thinking somewhere around 50 mph, at least) and cracked me right in the kneecap with his makeshift club as he went by. My knee is still aching.


“Play with me! I have a special stick! You need to chase me and try to take it! Only don’t really take it, just pretend you’re going to.”

Sorry Watcher, I can’t play. I’m too busy howling and clutching my knee in pain. If you want people to play chase with you, maybe try not breaking their kneecaps.

And just to round out a full day, that evening Mira got herself stuck in the netting, and wouldn’t quit screaming until I cut her free. Note that I use the term “stuck” loosely.


“Moooommy! I’m stuuuuuck! Heeeeelp me!”

That fence is not even in the ground. At all. It’s just a wadded up bundle of netting and fence posts. She had her head and shoulders shoved through two of the larger holes (from Will’s misadventure last week), and one fencepost loosely braced between the ground and the cattle panels. If she’d just put her head down and backed up, she could have easily gotten out on her own. I think she was just trying to get my attention and knows I come running when somebody’s tangled.

The fence was pretty much ruined after that, and since in a space of two weeks I’ve had to pull Little John, Will, Neo, Will (again) and now Mira out of it, I gave up and pitched the whole mess into the garbage. Electric netting without electric is not an OuchyZappyFence. It’s just an AnnoyingTanglyThing for the sheep to trample down on their way out.

This morning Mira is feeling better, and everyone was happy that the AnnoyingTanglyThing was gone. Clan Princess (plus Will) was of course deeply grateful and appreciative of all the effort I put into their care.


“You have fulfilled your morning duties of letting us out and filling the hay rack with hay we are not going to eat, so you may now leave whenever you wish.”

Will is usually with either his mother or Duchess, but today he was hanging out with his friend Bran. As long as he keeps Bran’s bulk between himself and Princess, he can escape her wrath notice.

The rest of Clan Lady also wandered off to graze, but not as far. And they kept checking over their shoulders to see if I’d decide to feed them goodies.


“I’m really excited about breakfast, but I wouldn’t say no to crunchies if you have any…”

Duchess doesn’t really have a “clan”, what with having only one live lamb and not raising that one herself, but she and Mira hang out together sometimes anyway. Today they decided to stick close to me and beg for treats.


“Do you have any crunchies?”

“Mommy ALWAYS has crunchies! You just have to climb on her like this and paw at her leg really hard!”

To think Duchess wouldn’t let me touch her for two full years after I got her. Now she’s letting me take selfies with her. Pretty cool, getting a picture of Mira with both her biological mother and her adopted mother.

The lambs (plus Neo, who still gets roped into the lamb games sometimes) found a big round bale sitting in the field and decided to play king of the hill on it. Unfortunately it was too tall and steep for them to get on top of it. Trying to jump on top of the hay bale gradually devolved into a general jumping contest, which devolved into ring-around-the-rosie, and a new Splendid Game called Let’s-Run-In-And-Out-The-Gate-Because-It’s-Open-And-We-Can. They were all getting tired by the time I got my camera out and zoomed all the way in, but I caught the last minute or so of the game.

I love watching lambs play, even if they are yearlings (or almost yearlings) now. I wish I had that much energy.


10 thoughts on “Hijinks

  1. Great shot of the family! They sure came up with great game ~ thanks for sharing!
    Ps. I’d watch out for TonyaHarding… errr Watcher! Hope your knee is better 🙂

  2. haha, great game and they look good. So what is up with Mira? What is a tobacco stick? Part of the plant ? and is it OK for him to chew it…yeah I know, no leaves but……That must have hurt like, well, we know……….hope it’s better now.

    • I don’t know what’s up with Mira… She might have eaten something that’s making her act strange, she might be hitting puberty without actually cycling since it’s the wrong time of year… She might just be messing with my head? Maybe? I don’t know.
      A tobacco stick isn’t made from a tobacco plant, it’s the stick they would hang tobacco plants on to cure in the barns. They’re not very uniform, just rough wooden poles about 4′ long on average and around 1-2″ thick. Tobacco isn’t grown as much in KY as it used to be, but the sticks are still pretty ubiquitous on farms around here. 🙂 People use them for everything, the one Watcher found had been cut in half and used to tension the wire fencing around the yard. It must have fallen out and he found it and decided to play with it.
      My knee still hurts, I’m hoping it’s just sore and not actually damaged. 😦

      • Thanks. I did know tobacco sort of went the way of the Dodo in KY which is why I was curious. 1-2″ thick……that would hurt!!! Ever use Arnica gel on parts that get bashed? Health food store has it and I use it all the time for bruises/strains/sprains and of course bashes!

      • Arnica gel, I’ll have to remember that. It’s feeling better today, I’ve been staying off of it as much as possible and soaking it in an Epsom salts solution at night. Now I’ve made my back and my other leg complain because I’ve been favoring the injured leg, but that should straighten itself out pretty quickly. 🙂

  3. Your Owwy Zappy Thing is Watcher! I hope you feel better. I can never remember whether it’s cold or hot you’re supposed to put on a sore spot first. All I know is that elevating it is a good idea. Put your leg up and read a good book.

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