Prince Bran the Brawny

I have a serious lack of baby Bran pictures, since he was born about 30 hours after Mira, and her situation was still precarious enough to take most of my attention at the time. He was big, healthy, and had Princess to look after him, so I didn’t feel the need to hover. I usually do hover around a newborn lamb for hours whether they need it or not, but like I said… Mira needed hovering over, and Princess and Bran didn’t. I did take pictures of him, but most of the non-blurry ones are already in the posts around when he was born.

Actually I don’t have many pictures of him by himself at all. He’s a friendly guy, so he usually shows up in group shots. Having attention focused on him alone makes him nervous. I tried to take some of him this morning, but he was much more interested in breakfast than posing, and it’s raining so hard outside the few I got were through a water-spotted lens and didn’t turn out.

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this picture before, but since it’s Bran’s birthday I have to share it again just in case. I’m pretty sure it’s my all-time favorite picture of him. When he was about two weeks old, he tried to jump on top of a two foot deep snowdrift and was instantly completely buried. Apparently he didn’t realise it wouldn’t support his weight. He was absolutely spitting mad by the time he managed to scramble out, which was even funnier considering he usually doesn’t have much of a temper at all.


“I just wanted to play king of the hill on that snow mountain, and it tried to eat me! Stupid snow.”

His best friends are Will and Mira, with whom he went on many Grand Adventures, but he’s pretty good friends with Little John, too.


“Hey Bran, you’re bigger than I am, so you go first and break a trail through the snow!”

“Pfft, you were a late lamb, you don’t even know what snow is. You should have seen that snow mountain that tried to eat me when I was a baby!”

Happy birthday, Prince Bran!


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