No Wakey

The same little sheep that didn’t want to go to bed last night was equally reluctant to wake up this morning. Not that I blame her, I almost crawled back into bed myself when I looked out and saw all that snow.


“The sun is too bright! The snow is too cold! I’m still sleepy!”


“Can I have breakfast in bed?”

But if I drag myself out there in the cold to feed sheep breakfast, the least they can do is drag themselves out to eat it.


6 thoughts on “No Wakey

  1. I don’t like to get up when it’s cold and grey outside either. But then I don’t expect my family to feed me breakfast in bed (they’d laugh if I did!).

    • She is my daughter, and she takes full advantage of that relationship. πŸ™‚
      The snow already starting to melt into a nice sloppy layer of mud on the ground. :/ For some reason melted-snow mud always annoys me more than rain-mud.

  2. It’s snow-nasty, all right. All slop and no fun. The boys built Tinkertoy hurdles in the family room to leap over…, and then a limbo string to creep under: too bad the flock wasn’t here or there would have been truly Splendid Games.

    Has Will the teenage klutz regained his equilibrium after his latest scrape?

    Very best,

    • Sorry I didn’t see this comment before! Will is fine, he was a little wobbly the rest of the day from being down so long, but he recovered quickly. πŸ™‚

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