Guessing Games

Since the girls are due in April this year it’s really too early to tell who’s pregnant and who’s not just by looking, but since I’ve bred for March lambs in the past my brain is starting to automatically check waistlines anyway. The girls didn’t stay with Duke very long, so if they didn’t “catch” the first time around they won’t be pregnant.


Princess definitely has a bulgy belly, but aside from the first few weeks after lambing she always has a bulgy belly, so that’s not a definite sign of pregnancy. I’d say she probably is pregnant though, she’s always gotten pregnant on the first cycle in the past.


“The sun is too bright, turn it down!”

Lady’s also got a bit of a belly, though she’s not as big as Princess. She could be starting to show, but she could also just be a bit tubby.

Duchess, in the background, is not pregnant. Granted she didn’t look pregnant at all when she had the twins, but I don’t need to look at her waistline to figure out her hormonal state. There’s strong behavioral evidence that she’s still coming into heat every two or three weeks, right on schedule.


Nova got bred on accident when Duke escaped, so I’m hoping she’s not pregnant. I’ll be able to tell better in another month or so, but so far she’s keeping me guessing. Some days she looks really thin, sometimes she looks really big. She looks pretty round today, but I think she’s just full of breakfast. I’m hoping, anyway.


Not matured, not bred, not pregnant. Her little baby belly’s just full of hay and crunchies. My other girls were all fine lambing as yearlings, but Mira’s a late bloomer. I’m not sure if she’s actually hit puberty yet. It doesn’t matter, I’m not in any hurry. There will be plenty of time for her to have lambs when she’s all grown up herself.


“Can we ‘help’ you get the hay today?”

Now these big bellies definitely look… oh, I guess these two can’t exactly be pregnant, can they? Just fluffy then. It’s fun watching these two grow up. Most first-generation crosses of any two breeds look pretty much the same, but to me Bran (on the right) seems much more like a Shetland in looks and personality, and Johnny (on the left) is much more like a Soay. At this point Bran’s fleece looks heavier than Johnny’s, and while it’s hard to see through all that fluff, judging by the way they walk I suspect Bran has more of a Shetland build, as well.

This is going to be an exciting spring! I can’t wait to see who has lambs, and to see how my first crossbred fleeces look!


5 thoughts on “Guessing Games

  1. Mira is too little, and besides, she’s Duchess’s daughter. I would worry that she’d have the same lambing troubles as her mum. You’ll have your hands full with Princess’s/Lady’s (and maybe [I hope not!] Nova’s) progeny.

    • My thoughts exactly, better to hold off until she’s older, if I breed her at all. Besides, Duke’s the only ram I have at the moment, and I wouldn’t breed Mira to Duke for the same reason I didn’t want Nova bred to Duke. Not that they listened to me. Sigh.

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