Stealing Moments

I’d forgotten how all-consuming college can be until I started taking classes again in January. The sheep aren’t terribly impressed that my interactions with them lately have been hurried and chore-related, not petting noses, scratching chins, and (most importantly) feeding crunchies. Mira especially sticks to me like a barnacle when I go out, radiating abandoned baby vibes.

When I can spend time with the sheep, I’ve had to focus more on soothing their hurt, neglected feelings than standing back and taking pictures, but I was suffering from blogging withdrawal, so I took a few minutes extra this morning when they thought I’d left to snap a few shots.


“Take that, Neo!”

Mira butting Neo over some horrible offense I didn’t see. Mira’s head-butts are more like head-touches, she goes through the motions dramatically enough, but doesn’t usually apply much any force. She saves the hard knocks for human visitors that pay too much attention to stuff-that-isn’t-her.

Neo is an indulgent sort of guy when it comes to the lambs. He always stands very still and lets Mira and Will bonk his head, and pretends to take it very seriously, even though I know he isn’t. He’s much more assertive when he spars “for real.”


“Hey look! ShepherdPerson is still here! I thought she left already!”


Uh oh, busted.


“Mommy mommy mommy! You’re here! Feed me crunchies!”

“Wait for me! I want crunchies, too!”

Fortunately I had a few crunchies in my pocket, just in case. Crunchies go a long way towards mending hurt feelings.


5 thoughts on “Stealing Moments

  1. So glad you got to play mommy again!! ‘they’ are too! Biotechnology sounds very interesting, do you know in what direction you will be taking that?

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