Snowier Day

It seems to have finally stopped snowing, at least for now. We have anywhere from 2-3″ on the high spots to over a foot in the low areas and drifts. Snow is a massive hassle to work around, but I can’t help admiring how clean a deep, fresh snow looks.

Watcher has a love/hate relationship with snow. He doesn’t like being wet and cold, and it’s hard for him to walk if it gets too deep, but he loves running around and playing in it.


“Mommy! Look at all this white stuff! Who cares about chores, we need to play!”

And I must admit, throwing snowballs for a dog to fetch is one of the funniest evil things I can think of.


“Where’d the ball go?! I’m sure it landed right here! It just vanished!”

Poor Watcher.

The sheep are, as always, convinced they are going to starve to death because the ground is covered. It’s amazing how popular I become when it snows.


“We’re so hungry and neglected and you don’t give us nearly enough hay!”

They could probably live for a while off of all the hay in Liam’s fleece. Yikes, Liam! I guess that’s what happens when you’re short and all the other guys reach over your head to pull hay from the feeder.

Poor Liam.


“Mommy! Take me with you!”

Note Nova and Little John in the background enthusiastically devouring that little clump of hay that fell out while I was carrying breakfast to the feeder. Why can’t they clean up the waste hay under the feeder with such dedication?

I don’t think Mira would like it in the house anymore if I did bring her back inside, since I don’t keep hay in the house and there wouldn’t be anything for her to eat, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to follow me everywhere.

Poor Mira.

I have yet to replace my leaky left boot, so by the time I’d fed everybody, coaxed the girls away from the boys’ feeder into their own field, let Mira eat in the barn for a few minutes, coaxed her back into the field, and chased Watcher around for a bit, I had a good-sized snowball inside my boot and my toes were completely numb.

Poor me.

Today is a day for wearing warm, hand-knit wool socks and drinking a lot of hot tea.


4 thoughts on “Snowier Day

  1. Poor Liam. He *does* look like a walking hay rick.
    Put on some warm, dry wool socks, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and relax a bit before you have to brave the elements again and feed those obviously starving sheep.

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