Spinning A Yarn

I finally finished spinning Liam’s lamb fleece! I won’t win any awards for perfectly consistent yarn, but the fleece wasn’t winning any awards for consistency to begin with, so I’m splitting the blame with Liam.

Actually I think it turned out very nice. I was aiming for a 2-ply sport weight yarn, but the whole time I was spinning the singles my brain kept saying “Ooh, wouldn’t this make an awesome 3-ply yarn? I wonder what this would look like 3-plied? I bet 3-ply would look much better than 2-ply.”

I really didn’t want to 3-ply the singles, since I wanted as much yardage as possible, but after comparing samples the 2-ply turned out a little too thin, so I went with the 3-ply. I finished with approximately 700 yards of a 3-ply DK/worsted weight yarn instead of (I’m guessing) probably about 1000-1100 yards of 2-ply heavy fingering/light sport weight. But it is beautiful and soft, so I’m happy.


I even managed to spin and ply in the right direction this time! I did all my initial sampling on a drop spindle, and for some reason my spindle-spun yarn seems to always come out “backwards,” which is better for crochet work but very annoying to knit with. I plan to knit with this yarn, so I needed it spun the usual way.


Now I just need to find a pattern, since the one I had in mind won’t work anymore. Turns out even nine months after shearing there’s enough residual mischief clinging to my sheep’s wool to thwart any plans I try to make.

Liam’s fleece was pretty small compared to the rest of his lamb crop, but I’m not faulting him for that. Unlike his wethered half-brothers, Liam didn’t just grow wool last year, he also grew a ram-sized set of horns and sired two big fluffy sons! Prince Bran and Little John more than make up for any wool growth lost. I’m sure his 2016 fleece will be bigger, since he’s now retired to a life of leisure.


“All the other sheep say eating lots of extra crunchies would help me grow a bigger fleece! I think we should try it, it makes sense to me!”

Liam is such a sweetheart, I’ll have to find something extra-special for his first fleece.


16 thoughts on “Spinning A Yarn

  1. I think that is a VERY GOOD job of spinning and plying! He is quite handsome and yeah…it’s New Years, give him more crunchies 🙂

  2. Congrats! I think it’s beautiful spinning and plying! And all on a spindle ~ I am impressed! You’ll find the perfect pattern ~ can’t wait to see it 🙂 Here’s to a fiber filled New Year!

    • It’s actually wheel-spun, I only did small samples with a spindle. I don’t end up with backwards yarn when I use a wheel, probably because it’s easier to see which way the drive wheel is turning. 🙂

  3. Liam is a gorgeous Sheepie and you did a fantastic job of spinning his first fleece. I’m sure you’ll come up with a great pattern to celebrate this beautiful wool.

  4. Beautiful yarn! Finer, crimpier fleeces are never as big as those of double-coated beasts, but they make up for it in softness and “memory” from that lovely crimp. I’m sure you will enjoy whatever you knit with it. You could make a set of accessories, like hat, scarf/cowl, and mittens….

  5. Beautiful spinning! I think it’s neat that it told you it wanted to be a 3 ply. Your sheep are bossing you around even after shearing :-D.

    • It is true. I am bullied by a bunch of knee-high sheep. Watcher I can understand, collie dogs are supposed to be “bossy”, but the sheep- that’s just embarrassing. 🙂

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