The Friendly Beasts

You don’t hear this old carol on the radio much, which is a shame. It’s a nice little song, much better than a lot of the newer Christmas songs in my opinion. I’m always in favor of songs about animals.

Lady has been an exceptionally friendly beast lately, following me around even more diligently than Mira. She sometimes goes through phases where I can’t turn around without bumping into her for about a week, then she loses interest and goes back to normal.


“I, said the sheep with just one horn
I want more food to keep me warm!
I want crunchies and hay and lots of corn!
I, said the sheep with just one horn.”

That’s not exactly how the original song goes, but Lady likes this version better. If the neighbors can hear me they probably think I’m crazy, trudging through the field making up song parodies for my sheep, but it amuses me and the sheep seem to like it, so I do it anyway.

Of course, sheep being the matriarchal animals that they are, if Lady is following me around, sooner or later Neo is bound to turn up. Will normally sticks pretty close to Lady too, but right now he’s too busy with his hopeless pursuit of Duchess.

“Here we come a-hungering among the grass so green!
Here we come for crunchies, so fair to be seen!
Hay and corn come to ewes, and to lambs their crunchies too!
And God bless ewe and send ewe a happy new year!
And God send ewe a happy new year!”

Mira gets irritated when I pay too much attention to stuff-that-isn’t-her, so she wandered off to find someone else to admire her. Watcher was happy to oblige; when I turned to leave the two of them were “talking” through the fence, sniffing each other, dancing in place and wagging their tails excitedly. Must have been an interesting conversation.


“Oh, hi Mommy! Watcher and I were just talking about the good old days when I was allowed to live in the house and play in the yard! Don’t you miss those days? Wouldn’t it be great if things could be like that again?”

Watcher and Mira have been pretty good friends ever since she was a wobbly little lamb on her first adventure, but every time there isn’t a barrier of some sort between them Watcher gets so excited he accidentally knocks her down trying to play. This actually happened just yesterday when Mira shot past me through the gate.

Watcher may be a little too enthusiastic with his friendliness, but in general I’m all for the friendly beasts being nice and getting along. After all, it’s the time of year for peace on earth good will to men (and sheep, and dogs…)


8 thoughts on “The Friendly Beasts

  1. Merry Christmas, Sarah, to You and Yours, all your Sheep & Watcher, too! You’ve got quite the adorables there in KY. I like the newer versions of the carols. Here’s to 2016 being a very Fiber Fillled New Year!

  2. Blessings to you and your Sweet Family of Little Beasties. Have you ever crept out to the barn at midnight on Christmas Eve to see if the animals actually DO talk? I was humming along with your Christmas carol.

  3. Love the new carols, make perfect sense to me 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. I’d send you some snow if I could……..

  4. We’ve been singing to your carols so sweet,
    We hope the sheep can hear us,
    For this our song is their treat
    so let’s sing without fuss:

    Merry Christmas to Duke, to Liam, to Barney and the new black one,
    And to Princess who should be first, and to Lady and Neo and Will hon,
    Christmas joy to Duchess, and Mira tiny and cute
    to Prince Bran and to Watcher, may he never be mute.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours from us,
    Your readers, your fans, who can’t rhyme – forgive us.

    Christopher, Noah, Natalie in Lexington

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