I haven’t had much time to write blog posts lately with Christmas coming up, but I have managed to take a few pictures here and there, to keep track of what’s going on.

One day I decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by taking a book outside to read with the sheep. This didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.


“What are you looking at that isn’t me, Mommy?”


“A book? Is it about sheep? Do they eat lots of treats? Why is the writing upside down?”


“Now it’s right side up! I still can’t read it, you need to teach me to read! Are you sure it isn’t a book about sheep eating treats? Maybe the book IS a treat!”

I think it took me an hour to read a page and a half, and my poor book now has a big bite torn out of the cover and first few pages. And Mira still can’t read.

A few days later Will Scarlet decided he wanted to be Duchess’s boyfriend and followed her everywhere for days.


“I’m Duchess’s boyfriend now, ShepherdPerson!”

“Why am I constantly plagued by fanboys?”

Duchess always has been popular with the boys, but she only has eyes for Duke.


“Honey, that little punk is bothering me!”

“Where is he?! I’ll teach him to flirt with my girlfriends!”

So far Duke hasn’t managed to bash his way through the butting board on the fence, knock on wood. (Unless you’re Duke! Duke, don’t knock on the wood, leave the poor fence alone!) I haven’t seen Nova come back in heat since his last escape though, so I may have some lambs I didn’t plan on in the spring. On the other hand, Princess and Lady didn’t stay with Duke as long as I would have liked, so I may not have some lambs I was planning on, so maybe it will all even out.

Just the other day we had the first snow of the year. No accumulation, but enough drifting flakes to decorate sheep fleeces with sparkles. I tried to take a picture of them, but the camera couldn’t capture the way the little flakes glittered against the wool.


That’s Barney’s wool, he’s the only one with long wavy locks like that. His wool is getting insanely long even for him this year. At this rate it’s going to be dragging the ground by shearing time.


“Munch, munch, munch!”

My three Shetland wethers, lined up like neopolitan ice cream. (Even though Barney is getting less strawberry and more blond by the day.) If there’s a breed I like almost as much as Soays, it’s Shetlands. My three boys not only have different color wool, but they also have totally different fleece types and body types. And yet they’re all purebred! That amount of genetic variety in a breed is very rare nowadays.

Mira’s turning into quite a “teenager” lately. Yesterday she didn’t want to go into the field with the other sheep, so I swatted her lightly across the rump so she’d move forward through the gate. From her reaction you’d have thought I hit her with a cattle prod. She jumped about a foot in the air, then bucked a few times, tossing her head around angrily and letting me know exactly how she felt about being “spanked.” She did, however, go through the gate without giving me any more trouble.

Then, in the manner of adolescents everywhere, she went from a sulking “I’m-an-adult-don’t-tell-me-what-to-do” brat to an irresistibly cute “I’m-cute-feed-me-I’m-your-baby” sweetheart in about two seconds flat.


“Me? Get in trouble? Never! I’m Mommy’s favorite! I don’t get spankings, I get crunchies!”

Sigh. With a face that cute, no wonder she’s an undisciplined wild child.


10 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Thanks for all your great photos and commentary throughout the year.
    I’ve certainly enjoyed it and am looking forward to more!!
    Happy Holidays.

  2. What a pleasant Christmas present…some time with the sheep! The boys will enjoy learning that Mira wants to read. Perhaps they can give her some tips, though I will warn them against giving nibbling tips: some of our books have teeth marks, and they weren’t made by toddlers, but 8-year-olds :}

    May Christmas bring deep content to denizens of both hearth and fold,


  3. Finally catching up with a bazillion email…….Oh Mira! such a cutie, wouldn’t she and Sara’s Maisie make a pair?? Love the shot of the fleece with snow on it…ah, we have 20″ and it is still coming down with another storm on the way tonight…….WOOF
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for all your photos and commentary. Great!

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