God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Most of the time the boys in the ram pen are a restful bunch of merry gentlemen. Aside from Duke’s seasonal hormone fluxuations, they get along pretty well and are generally pretty laid back and lazy. Until dinnertime comes around, that is.

The boys usually get a small amount of sheep salt and a few crunchies once I’ve put the girls up for the night. Once Duke’s hormones calm down I’m hoping this will translate into them following me up to the barn at night, but for now it means that the minute they see me coming back out of the barn they stop being restful. Or merry. Or gentlemen.

Duke tries very hard to push everyone else away and hog all the food for himself, but unfortunately for him all of his current pasturemates are big boys with big horns and several inches of wool padding. Generally they prefer to stay out of his way, but not if there’s food on the line.


“You guys move over! All the food is for me!”

“Ow, Duke! Stop shoving, you’re squishing me!”

Eventually he manages to push the others away, but they immediately run around behind him and come back to the fence on his other side. Then he starts trying to push them the other way. It’s very entertaining watching them go back and forth, even if poor Duke does get frustrated.


“They don’t want any! They said I could have it all!

“We did not! He’s lying! We want some too!”

I love Duke’s and Liam’s tongues poking out, and Barney’s grumpy face behind them. Jeb’s already circling back around to the fence.

Eventually I manage to make sure everyone gets their fair share, to Duke’s dismay.


“Move over!”

“Duke, so help me if you don’t stop pushing…”

Once the treats are gone they calm down pretty quickly. Sometimes as I walk back to the house I can hear Duke calling after me, or when I look back I might see Barney bouncing around in circles kicking up his heels, (which is pretty funny looking when he’s in full fleece) but for the most part they’re content to settle down and rest like the merry gentlemen they (usually) are.


8 thoughts on “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

  1. Seems like the Boyz would get their horns tangled up with each other in that mass of ovine testosterone. Well, it’s either that or female drama. You’ve got your hands full- and not just with fleece.

    • They do sometimes get their horns locked together, but they usually manage to untangle themselves on their own.
      Lambs are worse; when their horns are first growing in they get stuck in things a lot because the lambs stick their heads in places and forget to allow for their horns, but once they grow up they get used to it. 🙂

    • I don’t know about your sheep, but my girls compete by eating their treats as fast as possible before anyone else gets a chance, but the boys spend so much time trying to drive everyone else away sometimes no one ends up eating at all. Silly boys. 🙂

  2. Gee, boy sheep and boys have similar habits…and expressions. Ever been in a meal line with a pile of Cub Scouts? I assure you that except for the clacking of horn on horn, the experience is much alike.

    My boys will get a kick out of this…

    Very best,

  3. The boys say you’re ri….”Hey, we didn’t say that! What we did say is that while Liam may be the cutest sheep ever, they know Mira would certainly object to that statement.”

    Noah and Christopher, Natalie’s boys

    See, they did get a kick out of this post. 🙂

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