Baby It’s (Too) Cold Outside!

I was very unhappy when I walked outside this morning to see this:


“Play with me?”

Not the dog with the frisbee, I see that every morning. I mean the frost. Everything was coated in a layer of frost so thick I thought it was snow at first. It was so cold that every time I touched something metal my gloves would instantly freeze to it.

Watcher didn’t care about the cold, he was as determined as ever to persuade me to play frisbee instead of going out to the sheep. His usual method of persuasion is to run around in mad circles and flaunt the frisbee in my face.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES“Whoo-hoo, look at my awesome frisbee! It’s way cooler than those silly old sheep! You should chase me and try to take it!”


“Look how much fun this is! LOOK! Mom! You’re not looking!”

Despite Watcher’s best efforts, I did make it to the barn and let the girls out.Ā  Cold doesn’t bother sheep, sheep laugh at the cold. They are, however, quite bothered by frozen grass. Frozen grass interferes with breakfast, and that is unacceptable.

The girls have been getting some hay, but they prefer eating grass as long as possible. They were rather confused this morning to find the grass was all frozen. Everyone hovered uncertainly around either the hay feeder or me, depending on which food source they thought would pay off better.


“All the food is frozen! Now what are we going to do?”

Note that Mira is so close to me that only her rump made it into the picture. I am the ultimate source of food as far as Mira is concerned.

And then of course they had to check in with the big boys next door to make sure they didn’t have anything better.


“Is everything frozen over there, Liam?”

“Yes, it is! How about on your side, Neo?”

“Yes, it’s frozen over here, too!”

I made sure everyone had enough hay to stave off starvation as quickly as possible, then hurried back towards the house to thaw out. Unfortunately for my poor cold fingers, I ran into one more roadblock on the way there.


“I’ve been sitting here by the fence all alone the whole time you were gone, faithfully waiting for you to come back, so can we pleeease play now? You’re not very good at playing chase, but that’s ok, I love you anyway and I’ll even let you pick up the frisbee first since you’re too slow to catch it yourself.”

Maybe there’s someone out there who could walk straight to the house without throwing the poor sad puppy’s frisbee, but I certainly couldn’t. I never can resist big sad begging eyes, even when my fingers are going numb from cold.


4 thoughts on “Baby It’s (Too) Cold Outside!

  1. you need MITTENS……….forget gloves! Hands never warm up in them. You know all that fleece you have and some that is spun up…well……..knit some mittens! Oh, you don’t knit? don’t have time to knit? Get a felted wool sweater, trace your hands on it and sew the pieces together and you would be amazed how warm they are, felted mittens YES!

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