Nap Time

We spent all day yesterday fixing the fence and putting up fence planks at about butting height to (hopefully) stop Duke from bashing through. Duke is once again confined in his own field, much to his displeasure.

“Not fair, ShepherdPerson. Not. Fair.”

With Duke out of the way, everybody in the main flock can relax and take a Sunday nap.

“I think this shady spot is a good place to take a nap.”

“Can I take a nap here too?”

“Fine, whatever.”

“Hey, you lambs have a good idea, I think I’ll join you!”

“OK, Uncle Neo.”

“Ah, so comfy…”

“Mama, your horn is poking me!”

“Shhh, I’m sleeping.”

The nice part about having a big fluffy lamb is that they make good pillows. Johnny kept squirming thanks to Nova’s horn poking him in the side, but was too lazy to get up and move.

Bran elected to sleep by the fence, as close as possible to Princess. He misses his mama. Princess wasn’t impressed by such laziness.

“Why are you sleeping? It’s daylight! It’s not time to sleep, it’s time to eat!”

“But I’m sleeeeepy…”

And Duchess decided to sleep by the gate, as close as possible to her true love, Duke.

“You wimps keep your shade, I’m staying over here with my boyfriend.”

“Poor me, the only shade I have is this fencepost and this ThornyShrubThing.”

There’s a perfectly good shade structure in that pen, not to mention a tree big enough for everybody to sleep under. Jeb just decided to sleep in the open for whatever reason.

All these pictures of sleepy sheep are making me sleepy, too. I think I’ll have to take a nap myself.


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