Today is Friday the 13th, Which Explains A Lot.

So… the girls moved into the new field earlier this week. The barn… they’re not sold on the whole barn thing yet. Except Mira and Little John, who think it’s the coolest thing ever. To my horror surprise, Mira even figured out how to push the barn doors open all by herself! Good thing I have stall gates that she can’t open, or I’d never get them to stay inside.

One of the eccentricities of sheep (at least my sheep) is that they are highly suspicious of open gates. If they bash through the fence themselves they don’t have any problem moving to a new area, but open gates are spooky. It’s safest to all dash through together or to jump straight up in the air while going through, just in case.

When I moved the girls over to their new field, Mira, being the adventurous little girl she is, was the first one to go through the scary gate.

“I think I better stand on this side and make sure the grass really is tastier over there before I walk through…”

“You try it and let us know, Mira!”

Will, being the crybaby coward cautious boy that he is, refused to go through the gate at all, even after everyone else had left him. He exists to make things harder than they need to be and then cry about it.

“I am NOT going to go through that gate! I’m just going to cry because everybody left without me and I’m all alone!”

Poor Will. He’s so mistreated. He did eventually go through the gate, but only under protest.

Princess was livid that everyone else got a new field and she didn’t. I tried to remind her she got a new field two weeks ago, but that doesn’t matter. She wanted this new field.

“I am not impressed. Everybody else gets a big new field and I get stuck with a bunch of lovesick boys. I don’t like boys.”

Duke apparently wasn’t impressed either, so today (Friday the 13th, remember) he bashed the fence loose, got in the other field, and bred Nova just for good measure. I may or may not have spent part of today chasing a ram while brandishing a stick and yelling “Duke, stop that! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!”

Hopefully yelling quotes from a Disney movie at a homicidal ram isn’t a sign of insanity.

I got Nova back into the yard, but Duke started throwing such a violent tantrum I ended up having to drag her all the way up to the new barn and lock her up out of sight to stop him from killing himself or completely destroying the yard fence, too.

He must have strained his leg at some point, he had a bit of a limp once he stopped charging around slamming to things and bellowing. My sympathy is extremely limited. In fact, at this particular moment in time I think Duke’s head would look very handsome stuffed and mounted above the fireplace. I can guarantee he wouldn’t be limping after that. Or getting out and breeding the wrong ewes.

Before I could get Duke back into his own field and temporarily tie the fence together, Princess and Barney had run through the gap to conquer explore the new field, and Will had gone through in the other direction to find his mama. As I said before, they may be scared of gates but they’re more than willing to go through a gap in the fence.

Since Princess wasn’t in heat today, I ended up dragging putting her in the stall with Nova to keep her company until the fence is fixed. Little John wanted to go with Nova, but he was being a pest so I had to drag him back out. He threw a tantrum.

I put Mira in the other stall with Lady (who’s already been bred) just for good measure. (She didn’t get dragged. She has no horns, so she got carried.) She wasn’t acting like she was in heat, but a couple of the wethers were following her around and I didn’t want to take a chance on her being bred if/when Duke gets past my flimsy fence repair. She did not want to stay in the stall. She also threw a tantrum.

Will went in with Lady and Mira, because a) He hasn’t developed any interest in girls yet, so he won’t be a pest and b) he refused to be separated from his mama again and I didn’t think I could take any more tantrums.

Duchess is still out, because she’s being a melodramatic basket case who thinks the barn is the scariest thing ever. She decided she’d rather jump the fence and take off across our property headed for Timbuktu than go into the cosy new barn gaping jaws of death. I managed to coax her back into the field with the wethers, but she absolutely would not set foot in the barn. If Duke gets out again and she gets pregnant it is entirely her own silly fault.

Just to round out a full day, when I finally limped back to the house, I found that in my absence Watcher had let himself into the basement and gorged himself on crunchy treats. It seems the sheep aren’t the only ones who like Chex cereal.

Dogs who open basement doors, lambs who open barn doors, ewes who jump fences, rams that destroy fences… Why on earth can’t everyone just stay where they’re supposed to be?!?

I think I shall go to bed early tonight. Hopefully everyone (including me) will be sane, or at least less crazy in the morning.


8 thoughts on “Today is Friday the 13th, Which Explains A Lot.

  1. I think I have asked this before……. Do you have help with these rowdy sheepies?!! They seem to be getting bigger and more rowdy!!
    Be careful that they don’t run you over.

    • Oh, I’ve been run over before! 🙂 I have help as far as building shelters and fixing stuff the sheep break, but all the actual sheep handling/moving/wrangling I usually do alone.

  2. I am so sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing…………NOT FUNNY! How about a ‘stun’ collar 🙂 or several……….yeah I know probably won’t work and against some law………..

  3. That was really a very good runny read. I know how disconcerting being a shepherd can be. Perhaps things will calm down after a while and when the weather gets bad enough, maybe your critters will all want to be in the cozy barn and make lots less work for you. Thanks for sharing.

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