The breeding season officially started this morning! And I actually got everyone divided up the way I planned this year! Eventually, anyway. It was a bit chaotic getting there.

Princess was pretty easy to catch, but Lady took quite a while. I finally managed to catch her by her one remaining horn, which was impressive except for the part where she then knocked me down and dragged me. (Yes, I got knocked down. And dragged. By Lady. I need to work out, or gain weight or something. That was just sad.)

In the process of wrestling Lady through the gate, Duke shoved past me and got out. So then I had Duke in with all the girls except the ones I wanted him to breed. Lovely. After a long action sequence of Duke chasing the girls while I chased Duke, I finally managed to grab him and drag him back through the gate. He was so shocked at being manhandled he didn’t try to knock me down and drag me, which I was grateful for. Once was enough.

I didn’t put Duchess in with Duke. I just didn’t feel brave enough to try again. She was not impressed.

“This is so unfair. I wanted to go visit Duke, too!”

Princess was equally unimpressed. She’s not smitten with Duke like Duchess is.

“That moron’s making weird faces behind me, isn’t he?”

Why yes, yes he is.

The one bright point is that Princess has never been in this field before, so she was pleased to have a new area to conquer explore. And a new tarp house to destroy remodel.

“Hmm, I think this place needs a few windows…”

Lady didn’t seem to care much either way about Duke, but she was very happy to have a new tree to chew up and stayed behind it where I couldn’t get her picture.

All of Lady’s and Princess’s assorted descendants (aka “everyone except Duchess and Mira”) had a collective meltdown over being suddenly abandoned by their mothers. Sheep are a strongly matriarchal species, and lambs tend to stay close to their mothers even after they’re grown. They’re probably going to be confused for a while without Princess and Lady there to make all the decisions for them.

“Mama! Mama! Come back! We don’t know what to do!”

Poor babies are so sad.

Speaking of sad babies, Mira by this point had had quite enough of me paying attention to other sheep and started throwing a tantrum, stomping her feet, swinging her head around and butting me in the shins repeatedly.

“Mom! Mommy! Mooooommy! Come on, quit playing with those BoringBigSheep and play with me! Me! Me! Me!”

I told her she was a spoiled brat. She was supremely unconcerned by my opinion.

During all the chaos and crying and tantruming, Duchess wandered off and found my coat where I’d tossed it over the fence while chasing Duke.

“Oh yes, now I have the Coat of Treat-Filled Pockets all to myself!”

“You didn’t want this back, did you?”

I think that coat is more popular with the sheep than I am. Especially right now, since I’ve managed to personally antagonize practically every sheep in the flock. Oh well, they’ll get over it soon. I hope.


4 thoughts on “Rodeo

  1. Rodeo is right, worse than ‘herding cats’ ! They are so expressive and I am surprised they are so mommy dependent. Good thing they aren’t out in the wild, talk about a tangle! You need some football tackle gear 🙂

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