Like Mother Like Daughter

Mira inherited a lot of things from her birth mother, Duchess. She has Duchess’s dark coloring, her pretty, delicate face, her lack of horns, and apparently her hatred of bedtime. I really wouldn’t have minded if she’d skipped that last.

I called all the sheep in for the night, everybody came running, and I shut the Clubhouse door behind them. Then it occurred to me that getting them up was much easier than usual. Usually they all come in and then either Duchess or Princess or both bolt back out before I can shut the door.

Then it occurred to me that usually Mira would be pulling on my clothes about then, wanting me to feed her separately from the others.

Then I counted heads and realised Mira and Duchess hadn’t come in at all. After a brief moment of panic, I went back out and saw the two little woolly truants hanging out down by the boys. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that Mira has also inherited Duchess’s flirtatiousness. I really don’t need another boy crazy ewe constantly causing drama.

I rattled the bag of crunchies and they both came running.


“Bye, Duke! We’re going to go get crunchies!”

Poor Duke. He felt very abandoned and kept yelling at them to come back, but food trumps romance, even for the most romantically-minded of ewes.


“Can I have crunchies please?”

Duchess is perfectly willing to come right up to me, eat from my hand and even let me pet her a little, but only if we’re both standing outside the gate. If I move inside the gate, she immediately retreats to a safe distance.


“Nice try, ShepherdPerson! You’re not going to trick me into going to bed!”

It seems Duchess will be staying out tonight. She kept casting longing glances back towards Duke, so I’m assuming she’s wanting to give motherhood another try. Third time’s a charm and all that. I’m not convinced.

Mira, fortunately, is much easier to catch. While I was distracted by Duchess she stuck her whole head into the bag of crunchies and pulled it right out of my hand.


“I told you guys I’m Mommy’s favorite! The crunchies are mine, all mine!”

I opened the Clubhouse door to put Mira in, but the other sheep weren’t too happy about her hogging all the crunchies, and instead of getting Mira in I ended up with Mira and Princess both out and squabbling over the bag.

Neo tried to get out too, but… well, he is related to Lady and Will Scarlet, getting stuck seems to be a speciality of that bloodline…


“ShepherdPerson, Neo’s stuck!”

“She knows that, Johnny, why do you think she’s laughing at me? MeanShepherdPerson.”

Don’t ask me how he got the door shut on his head, or how he could possibly fit his neck through a two or three inch gap. I’m pretty sure his neck is usually thicker than that. I’ve always suspected Will of being able to ooze through walls, maybe Neo has the same talent.

Princess very conveniently has horns, so on occasions like tonight I can just grab a horn and drag her back into the Clubhouse. Princess doesn’t enjoy it much, but it’s not terribly hard to do.

Mira very inconveniently does not have horns, so on occasions like tonight I end up picking her up and carrying her wiggly little fat self into the Clubhouse. Neither of us enjoy that much, and it’s getting pretty hard to do.

Given her tendency to bury her head in the treat bag, I suppose it’s not surprising she’s getting hard to carry.


6 thoughts on “Like Mother Like Daughter

  1. Ok, I don’t know which is funnier – the photo of Mira with her head stuck in the bag or Neo stuck in the fence. Yeah, I know, it’s not funny at all for you, ShepherdPerson. Ugh. Sorry!

    • I do have halters, but they don’t stay on the polled sheep very well. Plus you have to catch the sheep in question and wrestle the halter on in the first place, which makes it more trouble than it’s worth unless you’re taking the sheep a fair distance.

  2. What a lovely picture of Duchess. She has such pretty, feminine
    features. Those “kids” of yours must really keep you on your toes! How much do you think Mira weighs now?

    • Duchess really is a beautiful ewe. I love her face. I’m glad Mira looks so much like her. 🙂 I think the polled Soay ewes in general seem to have more delicate features than the horned ewes, but I haven’t seen many polled Soay so it could be a coincidence.

      I’m not really sure how much Mira weighs, probably somewhere between 30-40lbs? It’s hard to tell, what with the kicking and squirming and loud protests of “Put me down, Mommy!” She can be such a little brat. 🙂

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