Rainy Day

I’m glad to get some rain, it’s been dry for a long time, the grass could definitely use the water.

The sheep aren’t so glad about the rain. They don’t like being wet. Usually when I open the gates in the morning, the whole flock pours out and starts eating breakfast as fast as possible, but on rainy days they just stand in the Clubhouse and look at me like I’m nuts for suggesting they go out in the rain.


“Do I get crunchies for coming out?”

Mira braved the rain for the chance of getting crunchies, but the raindrops kept getting in her eyes and she didn’t like that.

The rain also kept getting on my camera lens and kept making my pictures blurry, I didn’t like that.


“Well, are there crunchies or aren’t there?”

Nova and Little John came out briefly, but then they remembered they only get bribed rewarded for going in at night, not for coming out in the morning.


“Forget this, if there aren’t any crunchies we’re going back inside.”

I never cease to be amused by Johnny, still faithfully tagging along after his mama even though he’s now significantly bigger than she is. At least, I think he’s bigger, he has so much more wool than his Soay mother I suppose it could all be fluff…

Mira stayed out by me, but she kept looking back at the Clubhouse longingly, and was happy to go back in when I started heading back that way.

As usual, I get the distinct impression the sheep think the rain is my fault. Of course, everything they don’t like must be my fault in some way or another. I really have no control over the weather (despite what they may think), but that many accusing glares is enough to make me feel guilty anyway.


“ShepherdPerson! Do something about all this water! Oh, and speaking of water, our water bucket fell off the wall again, you probably should do something about that. We’re not sure how that keeps happening.”

I don’t know how they keep managing to not only knock the bucket off of its bracket, but knock the bracket itself off the wall. And then half-bury it in dirt, just for good measure. Sigh. I suppose it’s inevitable that when the kids are stuck inside, they end up squabbling and stuff gets broken.

I really am glad for the rain, but I agree it’s better enjoyed from indoors. I’ll leave the squabbling and bucket-breaking to the sheep, though. I plan to watch the rain from the window while drinking tea and reading a book.


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