Wild and Woolly

Watcher “helps” me let the sheep out every morning by trying to spook the sheep into stampeding out of the Clubhouse. I think he doesn’t quite understand how sneak attacks work. He’s convinced if he bursts out from behind that tarp enough times, he’ll get a reaction from the sheep.

The video is a bit shaky because I was trying to hold the camera steady while Neo braced his front hooves against my hip and rifled through my pockets. Neo will forever be the first sheep that pops into my mind whenever someone says Soays are untamable. He’s not even a bottle baby, but he’s always been one of the friendliest sheep on the farm.


“I’m wild and untouchable! Unless you’re wearing anything with pockets. Or offering
me crunchies. Or petting me, I like that too.”

Sweet Neo. It’s impossible not to love the official farm P.E.S.T.


“Is this fence on?”

The sheep usually all crowd into the little lane area first thing in the morning, to deliberately provoke Watcher plan their next escape eat the especially yummy grass that apparently grows there. Mira and Johnny are missing from this picture though, where did they wander off to?


“I’m right here, Mommy! See me? I’m tugging on your coat to get crunchies–um, I mean attention!”

“Did someone say crunchies??”


“I want crunchies, too! See, I can tug on your coat just as well as Mira!”
“Nooo! Go away! My crunchies!”

Oh there they are! Right in front of me, nibbling on my coat! It’s also impossible not to love lambies as cute as those two. Although between them, Neo, and Watcher, my poor coat is getting pretty chewed up.

My allergies seem to be getting better, which is a huge relief. I’d be happier if they would go away completely, but at least I no longer feel like I’ve been hit in the face with a brick. There are so many nice things about fall, it’s a shame to spend the whole season sneezing and wheezing. Besides, the sheep are more spazzy insane hormonal energetic in the fall than any other time of the year. I need to be at my best if I want to keep up with them.


4 thoughts on “Wild and Woolly

  1. Your sheep may be scamps, but they are so adorable. I’m afraid if I visited them I’d be such a pushover with crunchies that each of them would be fleecy round balls…

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