I’m Not Dead!

I only feel like it. Ugh. Fall allergies are miserable. Things like blinking and breathing are taking more of my attention than usual, so apologies if my writing isn’t as coherent as I’d like it to be.

It’s been a long time since my last update, but first the weather was too hot for picture-taking, then when the temperature finally cooled off my allergies struck with a vengeance. It’s hard to take good pictures while sneezing five times a minute and squinting at the camera screen through the one watery eye that isn’t swollen shut.

Also, not much interesting happens in late summer. Everyone’s just chowing down, gaining weight before breeding season and winter. The girls have apparently started cycling already, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of them (except little Mira) acting like they were in heat over the past two weeks. I’d like to get a video of them jumping around and sparring, but every time I go out they all stop and come running for crunchies. It’s even more difficult to take pictures with half a dozen sheep climbing on me trying to stick their noses in my pockets.

“I keep eating and eating, but I’m still the littlest! I need more crunchies, Mommy!”

Mira always thinks she needs more crunchies.

“Crunchies?! Wait for me!!”

“Go away, Neo! They’re MY crunchies!”

“Stop running, you sheep! Running is not allowed!”

Neo knows he better get his crunchies quickly. Princess is rounding the corner, and Princess doesn’t like to share.

Poor Watcher is completely ignored, as usual.

“Move it, peons! All the crunchies are mine!”

“Nuh-uh! I was here first, so the crunchies should be mine!”

“No, was here first! And she’s MY mommy, so I should get all the crunchies!”

You can tell by the angle of her head Princess is about to lay down the law. It’s her “back down or get knocked down” face. It’s an expression she wears rather a lot.

Nova’s bringing up the rear, so Watcher had to run off to bark at her to stop running. She ignored him. Surprise, surprise.

Usually I’d end up with all nine of them crowded around, but the others didn’t come down for whatever reason. Probably too busy cleaning up the fallen leaves up by the back fence to notice me.

The only way to make sure everyone gets at least one treat and I don’t get knocked over is to sprinkle a handful of crunchies on the ground. With just the four of them, Mira’s willing to push and shove to get her share. If the whole flock is there, she gets overwhelmed and insists on being hand fed.

“Crunchies are my favorite!”

While everyone was busy munching, Duke came down to check out the girls the commotion. The Shetland wethers are content to eat grass and mind their own business, but Duke is feeling “twitterpated”, as Disney would put it. He’s already started pacing the fencelines calling to the ewes. He can call all he likes; I’m determined not to let anyone be bred before November this year, so he still has a long time to wait.

No. More. February. Lambs.


8 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead!

  1. While at the WI Sheep and Wool Fair last weekend I saw a mum Soay and her 2 lambs. They really are small sheep!! It’s good to see that yours have all survived the heat.

    • Princess does have a tiny patch of wiry hair on her withers, but you can’t see it in these pictures so I think you’re looking at Neo. Even though he’s a wether he has a little bit of a ‘mane’ on his withers. 🙂

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