Escape Complex

All sheep appear to have one. Except Liam. While the other sheep have tested and found every single weak point in every fence on the farm, Liam has just now discovered that if a gate is open he can go through it. Good job, Liam! I knew you’d figure it out eventually.

We finally replaced the broken fence charger, so now the OuchyZappyFence is OuchyZappy again. Coincidentally, the yard incursions came to a sudden stop on the same day. How mysterious.

Deprived of that avenue of escape, the new fad became breaking in and out of the ram pen. The latch on the gate is flimsy and will come loose if jostled just right. I never bothered fixing it because that gate only swings one way so sheep can only push their way in, not out. The girls never expressed much interest in getting in, so it wasn’t much of a problem until Mr William Houdini Scarlet came along. He figured out the gate and ever since I’ve been shooing the lambs back out of the ram pen every other day.

This afternoon Duke must have gotten fed up with watching everyone else escape, and bashed one of the cattle panels right off the fencepost to get in with the girls. This is worse than a mere annoyance, this means I have to go to the vet tomorrow for sheepy contraceptives. None of the girls looked like they were in heat, but I refuse to risk having January lambs.

When I tied the fence back together and opened the gate, instead of getting Duke back in, everyone except Duke charged the gate into the ram pen. It was starting to get late and I was aggravated, so I just closed the gate and called it good enough. Then Barney and Liam kept trying to beat up Princess, so I tossed Barney out with Duke and Liam into the back pen with Jeb and called that good enough.

The girls were enthralled with their new field, despite the fact that it’s only 1/3 the size of the field they were in, and the grass isn’t nearly as good. The trees were fascinating, even though the leaves have been stripped higher than they can reach.

“I can alllmost reach this leaf…”

Princess and Nova made a beeline for the Clubhouse, and began discussing renovations. It has been home to a bunch of boys for years, after all. It needs a ewe’s touch.

“Windows! This place definitely needs more windows!”

Look at what the boys have already done to that poor tarp, girls! If you put any more “windows” in there won’t be anything left! Little John watched Nova’s every move intently; he’s probably going to pick up all kinds of bad habits from watching his mother and grandmother do their remodeling.

Mira was very excited and kept bouncing around my legs. The ram pen was the one place I would never let her follow me, so of course she concluded it must be the most wonderful place on earth. Eventually she got tired and wanted me to pick her up. She refuses to believe any of this nonsense about her being “too big” for me to carry, even if her head does reach my waist when she stands on her hind legs.

“Hold me, Mommy!”

I could still carry her if I needed to, but my back would most definitely Not Like It. Our usual compromise is for me to sit on the ground and let her climb into my lap. I can’t wait until she’s Duchess’s size and wants to do that.

Everybody seems pretty happy for now, but this is a ridiculous setup so I’ll have to shuffle them back around tomorrow.

After I go to the vet for the Lutalyse.

It is a very extremely good thing for those sheep that they’re so cute.


7 thoughts on “Escape Complex

  1. Cannot believe those sheepies………what a bunch of actors! Hysterical for us but NOT for you!!
    Renovations…………Mira still SO cute.

  2. I think we the the Kentucky answer to Norway’s 24 hour”all things wooly” marathon. A 24 hour sheep channel. Starting with your sheep!

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