Be Careful What You Wish For

Ever since Jeb came here he’s wanted to go in the back field with Duke. He finally got so insistant about it he started trying to shove his way through the holes Duke has bashed in the fence over the years. He wasn’t going to accomplish anything that way except getting stuck or cutting himself, so I decided to open the gate and let him go back there with Duke.

He didn’t want to go through the gate. He was terrified of the gate. The gate was the scariest thing ever. He really really wanted to squeeze through the hole in the fence. Finally I gave up and just left the gate open for him. Of course Duke and Barney came in instead of Jeb going out, which had the whole field in an uproar of chasing and head-bonking.

Finally the big boys all congregated up around the Clubhouse and stood there panting, trying to recover from their impromptu rodeo. Jeb hid inside. He decided maybe he didn’t want to move in with Duke after all.

“Um, I changed my mind. Everybody’s bonking heads and I think that ram might be crazy.”

The lambs were a bit overwhelmed and started following Neo around like ducklings, since he was the only “big sheep” not trying to kill anybody. Neo was not impressed to suddenly have a fan club.

“Wait up, Neo! We’re sticking with you!”

“Ugh, come on guys! Stop following me everywhere; I am not your babysitter!”

It was funny enough last night, but the minute I went out this morning Neo came flying across the field towards me with all three lambs in hot pursuit.

“ShepherdPerson! Save me! They won’t leave me alone!”

“Wait for us, Neo!”

Poor guy, saddled with a bevy of babies. I’m afraid I laughed at him rather a lot.

Lady jumped out into the yard yesterday, but jumped right back when she saw me coming. The girls have been so entertained by watching the boys romp around they haven’t had time to cause any trouble themselves. I sat with them in the shade for a while this morning, relaxing and watching the boys.

“I like watching the boys, this is much less work than pulling down fences!”

Lady of course had to stick her head under the tarp just to be silly. She’s a bit worried she’s in trouble for escaping again, and she thinks I can’t see her if her head is hidden.

Mira doesn’t understand what the older girls see in watching the boys. She doesn’t have any time for that nonsense, she has grazing to do!

“I have to eat lots so I can grow big and not be the littlest anymore! It would help if you gave me more crunchies.”

Mira thinks everything can be solved by giving her more crunchies.

Jeb finally followed Duke into the back field early this afternoon, and seems pretty happy back there. Barney was in with Jeb and Duke at first, but he wanted out, so I moved him over with the other boys. Then he missed Duke and wanted back in, but I was tired of moving sheep back and forth by that point and told him he had to stay where he was. He deserves a break from living with Duke, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. I have a stomach ache…….laughed so hard but what good medicine…at least for me 🙂 There is a woman in OR who has a flock/herd 🙂 of Soays. In fact there are a couple of sites that I am sure you are aware of but NONE are as entertaining as yours! Your sheep have PERSONALITY!! Rest well………

    • I hope you feel better! I’m sure other Soays have charming personalities as well, but it’s probably harder to know each sheep individually when you have a large flock.

  2. Poor Neo! To be saddled with the Girl’s Fan Club! I had to laugh when I read how Lady thinks she is fully hidden when just her head is covered up. I have a cat that does the very same thing. I just love reading about the almost daily “Soay Shenanigans”!!!

    Thank you, Susan, for sharing the link of the Southern Oregon Soay Farm. There certainly is a wealth of information and knowledge there. I was saddened to see that Kathie had passed away this past March.

    I love your last photo in this post of Mira grazing. Your little girl is growing up before our very eyes!

    Warm Regards, Lisa in Lake Oswego, Oregon

    • They’re still following poor Neo around, it’s really getting on his nerves.
      I was sad to learn about Kathie as well; it’s largely thanks to her that the North American population of Soays has survived.

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