Oh For Heaven’s Sake

I turn my back for five minutes and I come back to see this.

“Hey! What happened to the fence? You guys aren’t supposed to be out here!”

“Try and stop us, YappyBarkyDog!”

Seriously. I understand that the grass in the yard is the most delicious stuff ever to grow and all, but was it really necessary to rip a thirty foot gap in the fence???

“I mean it! You guys aren’t supposed to be here!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Ooh, look at all this YummyYardGrass!”

“Oh, hi Mom! We decided we didn’t like that fence being in our way, so we pulled it out! Isn’t it great?”

It is not great. It is not in any way great unless by ‘great’ you mean ‘a great deal of trouble’.

Lady, Duchess, and Nova were pretty easy to shoo back into the field. They didn’t pay much attention to Watcher, but they retreated pretty quickly when I came out to provide backup.

Those sassy former bottle babies were more trouble, since they lack all fear of man and dog. It didn’t stop Watcher from making a valiant attempt to chase them back, but he just ended up making Princess mad.

“Ah-HA! Now I have my human here, so you HAVE to do what I say!”

“Excuse me? Did you say I ‘have to’ do something?”

“Uh oh, he shouldn’t have said that… I’m going to go hide behind Mom now…”

“Who do you think you are telling me what to do, you SillyBarkyDog?! I am the Princess! Nobody tells me what to do!”

“I’m very sorry, Your Royal Woolliness Princess Ma’am, I don’t know what came over me, please don’t hit me with your suddenly very scary horns…”

I finally shoved dragged got them in and got the fence more-or-less spliced together and straightened out, for however long that lasts.

“Hey, it’s droopy now! I bet I could jump it cleanly this time!”

“Not now, Lady! Mommy’s looking! Wait until she goes inside!”

Watcher learned his lesson after ignoring Lady’s escape the other day. He’s redoubled his Very Important Fence Patrols, determined that those sneaky sheep aren’t going to get past him again.

“Nasty head-butting hoof-stomping little woolly despots think they can just take over MY yard do they, well I’ll show them what’s what.”

Poor Watcher. He’s always wanted to be a real herding dog, and he just has to live on a farm with sheep that won’t be herded. That has to be bad for his self esteem. Maybe I should get some cats for him to herd, he might have more success.


7 thoughts on “Oh For Heaven’s Sake

    • I’m assuming one of them must have gotten stuck in the netting and dragged several posts out of the ground before getting loose. The ground is so muddy right now that the step-in posts are pretty easy to pull out.

  1. Oh dear, please not cats!!! Cats do not like to be herded one single bit! The last thing you need are cats with an attitude problem! =^..^=

  2. Smart, sassy sheep…Soays are more like goats, it appears.

    Cats? Ummmm, maybe shy cats, but people cats like my Muffin? She has met two dogs on the edge of our porch and has scoffed. She made her ten pounds of gorgeous long fluff look threatening, and readied herself to leap onto their faces with her long claws and teeth. The dogs in question reacted sensibly, wanting to retain their snouts and eyes, backed off, and she sat down and stared at them, then looked at me, saying, “My porch is MY porch and your porch, but not their porch. I am Muffin and I have spoken.”

    Doubt she would have convinced a predatory dog, but house dogs? They know when the scrap isn’t worth their time.

    Very best,


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