Sheepy See, Sheepy Do

There was a sheep in the yard again yesterday. Surprisingly (or not) it wasn’t Mira, but Lady. Clever little Soays; I knew once the others saw Mira getting out they’d all join in and turn it into one of their Splendid Games.

Watcher the Farm Alarm, who howls frantically when the sheep lay down, stand up, graze, or walk apparently didn’t feel it was worth letting me know that a sheep had jumped into the yard. I told him he was fired. He wagged his tail and asked for his dinner. I get the feeling he doesn’t take me very seriously.

“Hi, ShepherdPerson! Um… you don’t mind if I eat this tasty yard grass, do you?”

Mira was Highly Upset that Lady was in the yard. Considering how often she’s gotten out herself, I’m not sure why she didn’t just follow Lady over the fence, but she elected to stay in and cry about the unfairness of it all.

“Mooooom! She’s in my yaaaard! It’s not fair! That’s MY grass!”


Fortunately Lady didn’t complain about going back into the field like Mira always does. She figured out pretty quickly she was in trouble, so she darted back through the gate the minute I opened it, buried herself in the middle of the flock and tried to look innocent.

“Don’t worry, ShepherdPerson! I’m just standing here, minding my own business with the other girls! No shenanigans going on here!”

She needs to work on her innocent face. She still looks like she’s just waiting for me to turn my back before starting up the Splendid Games again.

Duchess, on the other hand, has a perfect innocent face.

“ShepherdPerson, I think I should get lots of crunchies because I’m such a good girl and never ever cause any problems at all!”

Actually I think Duchess has probably caused me more stress than any other sheep on the farm except Mira, (and since Mira is Duchess’s daughter, technically she’s responsible for all the Mira-stress as well) but she is such a pretty girl, and so sweet you can’t hold anything against her.

Besides, she hasn’t jumped out of the field since That One Time when she was three months old. Given the current trend, I think that earns her some brownie points crunchies.


9 thoughts on “Sheepy See, Sheepy Do

    • Anything that catches their interest must be fully investigated and/or consumed and/or destroyed, whether it’s treats in my pocket or a new wire tie on the Clubhouse they never noticed before. 🙂

  1. Hi Sarah, I’m sure you’ve probably answered this question numerous times before, but I’m always curious . . . are Soays generally known for being more mischievous than other breeds of sheep? Age-wise, do many of the members of your flock fall in the “teenager” catagory? They look so sweetly diminutive and so innocent! I looked up the definition of mischievous and found: “Causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way” That kind of sounds like your flock a bit, doesn’t it? 🙂

    • The Shetlands will sometimes join in the Splendid Games, but the Soays usually invent them. 🙂 I’ve been told the Soays act more goat-like than most sheep, but having limited experience with other sheep and no experience with goats I couldn’t really say.
      This year’s lambs are getting close to puberty (well, Mira is, the boys have been deprived of that particular experience) so they’re probably something similar to pre-teens. Nova, Neo, and Liam are all yearlings, which is probably similar to late teens, not fully mature but not really juveniles anymore either.
      Mischievous is a very good word indeed! 🙂

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