That Awkward Moment…

…When a sheep comes waltzing in through the dog door…

“Hi Mom! All the other girls wandered off and I couldn’t find them! I didn’t want to be by myself, so I decided to come find you!”

…And then refuses to leave.

“Um, no way am I going back out there! It’s like a bajillion degrees and I’m wearing wool!”

How does she even know how the dog door works? She never went through the dog door when she lived in the house, she always went in and out with me. She must have seen Watcher use it, or just figured it out on her own. Neither would surprise me much.

She really is too big and too messy to stay in the house, but I can definitely understand why she’d want to. It’s brutally hot and humid, and at this time of the day the poor girls are all huddling in about 2′ of shade behind the Clubhouse.

“This. Is. Miserable.”

Mira wasn’t happy to go back out, and the other girls weren’t happy that she got to go on an adventure and they didn’t.

“Why don’t get to go in the house? I’m the Princess, I should have all the privileges!”

“It’s because I’m Mommy’s favorite, obviously!”

I pointed out that it had nothing to do with favoritism and everything to do with Mira A) barging in without asking permission and B) being the only one who could fit through the dog door.  As usual, the sheep didn’t pay much attention to anything I pointed out.

When Mira first moved out with the other girls with so little complaining, I thought I was home free. Apparently she didn’t realise it was supposed to be a permanent relocation. It’s going to be tricky persuading Mira to stay put. How exactly can you stop a sheep that can jump almost six feet in the air and knows how to use a dog door?


10 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment…

  1. OH OH OH, too funny. What a sneaky little bezom ( A term of contempt applied to a person, gen. a woman; some times to a woman of loose character, sometimes jocularly to a woman or young girl.) Actually ‘we’ didn’t use it as a derogatory just as applied to a female, but it just seemed to apply here 🙂 Maybe times have changed…….watch out for adolescence and hormones…..

  2. Perhaps Mira has been appointed “Spokes-sheep” to request their own air-conditioned building??? Maybe they all met and decided Mira should represent them (actually, she won by default, as the only one who could fit through the doggie door!).

  3. You might want to start house training her so you won’t have to clean up those puddles. She is just too cute and smart..

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