Growing Up… More or Less

As I let the sheep out this morning, I was struck by how fast this year’s babies are growing into adolescents. I was a bit sad that they’re not babies anymore, but then…

Will and Lady

*Gulp, gulp, gulp!*

Oh Will, for heaven’s sake! I suppose there is still one baby around here. And he’s not even the youngest! Lady’s a ridiculously indulgent mother. I’ve told her on no uncertain terms that two hooligan sons are enough, she needs to have a daughter next year. She loves those boys so much she probably wouldn’t know what to do with a girl.

I briefly considered putting one of those cone collars they have for dogs on Will to stop him pushing his head through the fence and squeezing through the Clubhouse gate, but I’m pretty sure he would get beat up by the other boys if I did. Plus, I would have to catch him to put it on. I’m not looking forward to having him wethered, I have a feeling it’s going to be a rodeo.

Liam and Sons

*Munch, munch, munch!*

Liam’s two boys are both growing up with much less fuss. It’s getting hard to tell Bran and Little John apart, except that Johnny is a little bit lighter and has bright white markings around his eyes and chin, while Bran’s markings have faded to subtle brown shading instead of white.

Little John is also due to have a ‘visit’ from the vet. He’s a month younger than Will, but he’s precocious and already starting to develop a bit of an attitude. Not really all that surprising considering who his mother and grandmother are. I’m just lucky that Bran took after his father in temperament.


“Mommy! Did you bring me crunchies?”

Mira’s happy to hang out and act all grown up with the other girls, but the minute I go outside, she reverts to being a baby and cries until I agree to sit with her, and play with her, and pet her, and feed her lots of treats.

OK, maybe it’s not exactly fair of me to accuse Lady of being an overindulgent parent. Those lambies are just so cute it’s impossible not to spoil them!


8 thoughts on “Growing Up… More or Less

  1. You and the momas are just the same 🙂 LOVE those babies!! It’s OK but there is the Scottish saying, “You’ve got to be cruel to be kind” so get tough moma 🙂

    • I started feeding her a handful of crunchies one at a time to wean her off the bottle, now I just have to somehow wean her off the crunchies! Or at least cut down on the portion sizes…
      Will is hopeless. Such a big baby.

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