Such a Big Girl!


“I’m not scared of those pushy OldBigSheep!”

Mira has finally started eating bedtime snacks with the big girls! For a minute or two anyway, then she starts pawing at my knee wanting me to hand feed her. She’s becoming a bad influence on the rest of the flock. She likes to put her little front hooves up on my leg and bat her eyes to get treats, and now she’s got most of my other clever little greedy guts copying her.

Dainty little Mira with her hooves on my knee is one thing; you can hardly feel her weight. You can definitely feel it when Lady’s hooves land on your hip, or worse, Lady and Nova at the same time. Johnny picked it up from Mira ages ago, and now between him and Neo it’s getting hard to walk through the boys pen without tripping over them. I’m just glad I don’t have any really tall sheep; they’d probably put their hooves on my shoulders and knock me flat.

From a social perspective it’s encouraging that Mira’s pushing in with the others, but I noticed tonight while following her to the Clubhouse that all those treats are not so good for her waistline…


“I’m not fat! I have to eat lots so I can grow big and not be the littlest anymore!”

I’m pretty sure no matter how much she eats Mira’s going to stay the littlest until we have newborns around here again. It takes Soays three years to reach their full growth, so I doubt she’s going to catch up to the other girls anytime soon, no matter how grown up she thinks she is.

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