(Mostly) Peaceful Pastures

Just to prove that not every moment around here is total chaos, I proudly present: A (Mostly) Uneventful Morning!

I managed to get Jeb into the Clubhouse again last night, which made me happy. On a completely unrelated note, we got more rain yesterday evening. Maybe I could rig up some sprinklers over the boys to trick them into running for cover at bedtime…

The boys were (mostly) all happy to go out and graze in one big group this morning.


“Wait for me!”

One, two, three, four, five… hmm, somebody’s missing… where’s Will?


“I was locked out all by myself all night and it was horrible so now I’m staying in here by myself.”

Sigh. Suit yourself, Willie.

At least he’s (mostly) stopped screaming all the time. I don’t like him being out there by himself at night though, being so small. The other boys don’t pick on Will as far as I can tell, so I’m not sure why he keeps breaking out every night.

Mira’s not sure why I’m in there taking pictures of the boys instead of paying attention to her.


“Mommy! What are you doing in there? You’re not petting me! Where are my crunchies? The grass is wet, pick me up and let me sit on your lap!”

She is spoiled. Absolutely spoiled rotten, nothing “mostly” about it. Comes of being the only ewe lamb her age and a bottle lamb and adorably cute and tiny. She is growing a little bit, but she’s still very small for her age. I can still carry her around without too much effort. I hope she catches up to the other girls eventually, but for now all she wants to do is be a baby and climb all over me, chew my clothes, and sit in my lap. Mostly.


6 thoughts on “(Mostly) Peaceful Pastures

  1. Mira’s eyes are so pretty and she definitely looks like a little girl. Enjoy her while she’s little.

    • Mostly. 🙂 I have gotten a bony little forehead to the back of my knee a time or two when she gets overexcited. Fortunately her head is tiny and doesn’t hurt. 🙂

  2. Will, a totally independent spirit, at least at night hahaha Mira has such Doe eyes. Glad Jeb is getting into the ‘club’.

    • Will is a headache. A handsome headache that I’m very fond of, but a headache nonetheless.
      Mira’s eyes are gorgeous, she can get anything she wants by batting those big pretty eyes at me. 🙂

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