Jeb does not like coming in at night. He never used to come in on his old farm, why should he have to now? Last night however I ran out in the middle of a downpour to put the sheep up, so he had to choose between being locked in or standing outside in a monsoon. He elected to stay in, but he wasn’t happy about it. I may or may not have laughed in fiendish triumph as I locked the gate behind him, the rain pouring off of my face and hair. It was all very theatrical. And soggy.

He was still a little grumpy this morning from being locked up with all those crying babies the entire night. Well, not all the crying babies the entire night. Will broke out again sometime during the night. Does it make me a horrible shepherd to hope he got rained on?

“That was a nasty trick, ShepherdPerson! Although I did like that food we got when we came in… is there food in here every night?”

Jeb likes whole corn, and he loves the pelleted feed I keep around for the girls and baby lambs, but given a handful of mixed feeds he simply pushes all the crunchies out of my hand and eat the rest. Apparently he doesn’t like crunchies.

“He doesn’t like WHAT?!”


“I knew there was something wrong with that sheep you brought in! Nothing good can come of bringing in another boy, I said!”


“Can I have Jeb’s crunchies? Can I have everybody’s crunchies? I need more crunchies!”

Mira does not need more crunchies. That cute little pleading face gets her way too many treats as it is.

Jeb may not have been happy about spending the night penned up with the other boys, but he was hanging out with them today instead of moping up by the back fence staring at Duke, so maybe it will help him make friends. I probably won’t be able to trick him in again unless I can arrange another conveniently timed rainstorm, but maybe if he makes the connection that going into the Clubhouse gets him food, he’ll go up easier at night.


“Maybe these little guys aren’t so bad after all.”


2 thoughts on “Trickery

  1. I swear, you need a degree in psychology, Child psychology preferably 🙂 Actually, you are probably half way there now!!

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