Collie Seal of Approval… And More Lamb Drama

Trying to do chores with a collie underfoot is like having a manager who tells you you’re doing everything wrong, a toddler who puts everything in his mouth, and a cat who loves running between your legs and knocking you over all rolled into one.


“Hmm, I think I need to inspect this bucket before you carry water in it.”


“The sides seem good…”


“The bottom looks ok…”


“The inside is…oh wait! I think there’s something stuck in the bottom!”


“I’m just going to have to confiscate this!”

Oh dear, now I’m going to have to go through all kinds of red tape and frisbee distractions to get my bucket back.

Johnny is wearing out his welcome in the ewe pen. He’s still a week or two shy of twelve weeks, but he might just have to move a bit early. He and Duchess fought most of the day yesterday, and I’m worried he’s going to hurt her. He hits like a freight train, and has apparently inherited Princess’s knack for hitting with the tips of his horns at close quarters.

He’s plenty big enough to wean, but I feel bad kicking him out. He really is a good boy, and while he’s definitely winning all the fights, he actually isn’t the one starting them. Duchess used to be such a sweet, gentle girl, but ever since she lost her twins she’s developed a penchant for picking fights with sheep she can’t possibly win against. She keeps attacking Little John, then Johnny gets mad and attacks her, then Lady gets mad and attacks him, then Nova gets mad… and next thing I know everybody’s fighting except Mira, who’s just standing off to the side looking at me in confusion.


“I can’t be weaned yet, I’m the baby of the family! Look, I’m just barely taller than my mama!”

I had to put him up separately from Lady and Duchess last night to keep someone (probably Duchess) from getting hurt. And of course Nova had to go with him or he’d spend the whole night crying for his mama. And Princess had to go with Nova or she’d spend the whole night crying for her mama. Amazing how one little ram lamb can turn the whole pasture into a war zone.

It was pointed out to me yesterday that I haven’t posted anything about Bran recently. Poor Bran, I keep forgetting to take pictures of him because he doesn’t tend to create a lot of drama, unlike the rest of this year’s lamb crop. He’s his father’s son all the way; he certainly didn’t inherit that temperament from his mother’s side of the family. As long as he has grass to eat and friends to hang out with, he’s happy. Even with Will and Neo incessantly squabbling.


“The weather is a little cooler today, and I’m hanging out under this tree with my friends… this is a good day.”

“Nooo it’s noooot! It’s awwwful!”

“Ugh, Will, for heaven’s sake! Little brothers are sooo annoying!”

Jeb’s out there too, he was just up by Duke’s pen muttering under his breath about stupid lambs and stupid crazy Soays and why can’t he live with the big boys already? Poor guy isn’t used to all this commotion.

Watcher tries to keep things from getting out of hand by running up and down the fence barking at the top of his lungs but the sheep know the OuchyZappyFence is there, and completely ignore his frantic demands that they Stop That Right This Minute. Poor Watcher. He’s going to end up with a complex.

*Last minute edit: As I was getting ready to publish this, I had to jump up and run out to stop Johnny repeatedly slamming into the side of Duchess’s head. He showed no inclination to stop, even with me out there, so Little John is now in the boy pen. He and Nova aren’t happy but I don’t want Duchess getting hurt. Will is not happy that he’s still the smallest, but he’s never happy so that’s nothing new.


7 thoughts on “Collie Seal of Approval… And More Lamb Drama

  1. Prozac? Wholey maloley! Who’d a thunk……….bet not you before you started this charade 🙂
    I know, I laugh but I am truly astounded at the chaos. Maybe you ‘need’ 30 acres so they can lose each other! Good luck……what an inane thing to say but…….

    • Sometimes people tell me “Oh I would love to have sheep, they’re so peaceful and gentle!” and then I laugh and laugh… and cry a little… still, my life would feel so empty without them!

    • I don’t know if Soays are more aggressive than other breeds, or if my particular animals just happen to have extremely dominant personalities. I’ve been told they act more like goats than sheep, but I’ve never had goats so I couldn’t say.

  2. Beautiful Watcher. Since following your blog, i am beginning to think that a smooth collie might have to join our family sometime in the future! 🙂 Soays, however, not so much. 🙂

    • Oh, but the Soays are wonderful! They can be a bit… opinionated at times, but they’re still so sweet. Little Mira is the most adorable little girl ever! 🙂
      Smooth collies are absolutely my favorite breed of dog, but bear in mind they’re a herding breed, so they’re very intelligent, they have a lot of energy and they have to be constantly entertained. Something they have in common with the Soays! 🙂

  3. Little Mira does look sweet, as do they all with all those big liquid eyes. 🙂 It’s good to warn me about Collie energy. I have Labs currently but did have GWPs before and they were no end of trouble/fun and full of life. When the time comes to look for another dog I’ll think about my current energy levels/health and what dog they’ll match best, just as I did when we went for our gentle Labs instead of more GWPs (though I loved them to bits and would love another one).

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