William Scarlet!

That lamb needs a middle name. Even stretching “Will” out to “William” doesn’t sound impressive enough yelled across the pasture.  I’m thinking “Houdini”. William Houdini Scarlet has a nice ring to it.

It’s not enough for him that he still spends most of his time crying about being weaned (doubly silly since he’s still nursing through the fence). In his latest attempt to drive me insane, Will has started escaping from the Clubhouse every night. Every. Single. Night. And then wailing about it the next morning because he can’t get back in.

image “ShepherdPerson haaaates me! She locked me oooout!”

“Uh oh, here she comes, Will! Hide!”

image “She’ll never see me behind this WeedShrubThing!”

Great plan, Will. If anybody out there wants a handsome Soay ram lamb with a spotted face and a flair for melodrama, I know where they might be able to get one. Maybe.

image “How does he get out through this little gap? I can only squeeze my nose through!”

The Duke Door Bash Prevention System Mark II (otherwise known as that chain on the door), while very effective against grown rams, apparently can’t keep itty-bitty ram lambs from squeezing out. I guess it’s time to get to work on a Will Scarlet Door Escape Prevention System.

image “While you’re at it, try to figure out a Neo Yummy Tree Leaf Reaching System, too!”

Neo is sad that he’s already eaten all the leaves he can reach. He still takes a stroll around the trees on his hind legs every morning, just in case he missed some.

image “No more playing with sheep! I’ve been waiting all morning! Play with me!”

And of course no matter how frustrated one may be with certain troublesome ram lambs, or how eager one may be to get back to the house for her morning cup of tea, if a puppy is waiting on the back porch wearing that expression, one simply must stop and play frisbee.


3 thoughts on “William Scarlet!

  1. haha, you have my sympathy…..or maybe I should have yours, I have a 9 wk Irish Wolfhound puppy and OH BOY…….plus my other ‘crazy person’ is NOT too happy with this intruder!!

    • Oh my goodness, a 9 week old puppy! I think puppies are as close as nature comes to perpetual motion machines. And I imagine he’s already pretty big, being an Irish Wolfhound!

  2. Oh man, you’ve certainly had your hands full lately! This just reinforces my opinion that I’m not ready to deal with rams full-time yet. Thank goodness all my babies were girls this year! The shot of Neo on his hind legs is just priceless. I hope they all calm down for you soon! Though I’m sure most days they’re more fun than frustrating. 🙂

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