I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t been able to take any pictures. I had a bit of minor surgery on my shoulder, which has temporarily left me with only one usable arm.

Granted, I can operate my camera one handed, but when deciding whether to use my one good hand to carry a camera or to carry the bag of crunchies, the sheep unanimously voted that crunchies were definitely a higher priority than that weird box thing I won’t let them play with. I took my camera out today though, because I was having photography withdrawals. The sheep were not impressed.


“Ahem. I believe I am supposed to get crunchies. Where are my crunchies?”

Thankfully things have been pretty calm while I’ve been recovering. Jeb is settling in well, though he still pines at the fence wanting to move in with Barney and Duke. He’s still a bit flighty, but he did take some corn from my hand last night, so that’s progress.


“Why can’t I go stay with the guys my own age?”

I still think he should be careful what he wishes for, but Jeb may stand a better chance than I think; Duke got sheared right before my surgery, and now it’s apparent that he’s actually quite a bit smaller than Jeb.

Will is still crying about being weaned. He has literally started to go hoarse from crying so much. I could not figure out why on earth he was so determined, until I happened to look out the window at the right moment and caught him nursing through the fence. Sheesh, Lady, no wonder he’s not weaned yet! Silly clever Soays, taking advantage of their poor crippled ShepherdPerson. Normally I’d run electric netting down the field so Lady couldn’t get to the fence, but that’s firmly in the category of things which cannot be done one handed.

Proof that Will is a drama queen: (The video is a little shaky, but I’m not used to recording video one handed.)

Imagine that going on non-stop for over a week. No wonder Jeb wants to move out.

Another thing that cannot be done one handed (at least not anymore) is lamb-carrying. Mira is quite upset that I won’t pick her up. She doesn’t see what my shoulder being hurt has to do with her getting her proper amount of cuddling.

She’s getting pretty heavy for carrying anyway, even with two arms. I was very careful not to overfeed her when she was nursing, and I’m very careful not to give her too many treats now, but somehow she’s still gotten pretty fat. We have reached somewhat of a compromise. If I crouch down with my back to the fence, she can clamber into my lap without risking some affectionate hungry sheep putting its hooves up on my back.


“Mooommy! Stop paying attention to Will! I’m being neglected over here!”

OK, so Will isn’t the only drama queen around here.

The siding on the barn is finished, now all that’s left is the doors, paint, fencing, water, etc. It looks really good so far!


It’ll be nice for the girls to lamb in an actual barn next spring, instead of a drafty clubhouse.


6 thoughts on “Unarmed

  1. So Sorry your little arm injury turned into a ‘minor’ surgery! NO surgery is minor. DO hope you heal quickly and that WILL……..WOW, thru the fence πŸ™‚ What a sweet picture, WHERE ARE MY CRUNCHIES πŸ™‚ They don’t cut you any slack do they?

    • Actually this surgery was completely unrelated to my previous injury. I’m just lucky that way. :-/
      And no, they don’t cut me any slack at all. They’re spoiled, demanding little woolly tyrants. πŸ™‚

  2. Will needs to understand that it is against the rules for the sheep taking the nursing to be bigger than the sheep providing the nursing. Besides, he is likely to get his horns caught in the fence, and a one-armed Shepherd Person would not be able to disentangle him.

    As for Mira – maybe she and Liddy over at Punkin’s Patch can complain to each other about not receiving sufficient spoiling?

    • It would be hard to get him out if he got stuck, but Neo can still manage it without too much difficulty so I’d say it’s unlikely Will would get stuck.
      Yes, I think Mira is in need of an “insufficiently spoiled bottle baby” support group. πŸ™‚

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