Will’s Weaning Woes

I finally managed to get Will down to the boys pen this morning. Bran may have fought and cried but Will wins the prize for melodrama, especially considering that Lady stopped letting him nurse days ago. I suppose I made a very fitting choice, naming him after the most flamboyant of Rhi Bran y Hud’s men.

He discovered fairly quickly that collapsing dramatically to the ground was the best way to make me stop walking.


“I am a free spirit! I shall wither and die, held by this horrid rope!”

A few yards farther…


“That’s it! I’m dying! I see a light…”
“… Are you ok, Baby?”

And yet again, before we’d managed more than a few steps…


“No, I am not ok! I’m dying! Oooh, the pain! The indignity of it all!”


“Gee whiz Mommy, what’s his problem?”

He’s a drama queen dear, that’s all.

Jeb wasn’t too pleased with all the commotion. He went into the Clubhouse with the other guys happily enough last night, but today he’s strongly indicating he’d rather live with Duke and Barney than with all these screaming weanlings.


“Can I come live with you, please? These lambs are giving me a headache.”

I would say Barney might warn him to be careful what he wishes for, but I know Barney doesn’t like lambs, either. He doesn’t dislike lambs really, he’s not aggressive towards them or anything, he just gets really grumpy if he has to babysit. He’s also grumpy when he’s with Duke. Actually I think he’s just grumpy in general.

Will made a miraculous recovery once we got to the boys’ pen and I took the halter off. He promptly jumped up and started trying to squeeze through the fence. He’s unhappy right now, but he has big brother Neo to watch out for him, and he and Bran are already good friends.

Neo especially seems to have taken the two lambs under his wings. I guess he knows what it’s like to be weaned, and suddenly be the littlest guy in the field.


“Come on, little bro. It’s not so bad over here.”
“It’s awwwful! I haaate it!”

Between the lambs’ wailing and Watcher’s constant thundering alerts that Something Is Very Wrong Outside, I think Jeb and I are going to have to invest in some earplugs.


12 thoughts on “Will’s Weaning Woes

  1. Will on a leash and halter reminds me of my attempts to halter a cat and take her for a walk. A photo of same should accompany the dictionary definition of “impossible”

    • Everything should settle down in a day or two, Bran has already started to give up and make the best of it with his new BFF Neo. He’s never had a friend bigger than himself before!

  2. This is just too hilarious— such melodrama!! Your commentary makes it that much more funny. For your sake I do hope all the boys settle down and then you’ll have to deal with Mira pretty soon!!

  3. I am BAAAAD, I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s because you write so well NOT because of the situation! GAWD……what a carry on 🙂

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