Cheaper By the (Baker’s) Dozen

A new sheep came to live here today, bringing my flock total up to thirteen! His name is Jeb, and he’s a three year old black Shetland wether.

I let Mira hang out with me in the yard while waiting for Jeb to arrive, because she’s a very affectionate girl who loves her mommy very much. (In other words, I didn’t put her back when she escaped and followed me, because she’s spoiled completely rotten and I was tired of listening to her cry.)

“The weeds around this tree are shocking, Mommy! You need to let me out here more often!”

Sheep are very particular about keeping the landscaping trimmed. The trees inside the field are pruned precisely to the height that Neo can reach while standing on his hind legs. They’re much more environmentally friendly than weedeaters, and it’s even better because they literally are weed eaters.

Once Jeb got here, he seemed pretty happy with his new pasture.


“This is a nice pasture. I hope none of the sheep here are crazy…”

Ahem. Yes. Well about that… never mind.

The other boys accepted Jeb pretty calmly, with only a few friendly head-bonks. Granted, they were quite distracted by the possibility of crunchies. Bran still doesn’t take crunchies from my hand, but he seems to be catching on to the concept pretty quickly now that he’s trying to fit in with the big boys. He’s going to have to be much more assertive if he ever wants to get any treats; Liam and Neo are a pair of greedy guts.

“New sheep? What new sheep? Give me the crunchies! Me! Me! Not him, me!”

Will is keeping well away from me after my failed attempt to move him out of the ewe pen. Little John, however, thinks it’s not fair that Bran gets a new field and new friends to play with and he doesn’t.

“How come don’t get to go play in there, Mama? It’s not fair, just because I’m the youngest I never get to have any fun.”

“Stay with me a while longer, Baby. Weaning is no fun, believe me.”

Nova was under the impression that Princess should start letting her nurse again, now that Bran is gone. Princess does not agree. She still dotes on Nova and likes to have her close by, but she has no intention of feeding anyone except herself. She was also quite irritated that I brought in another male sheep. She doesn’t like boy sheep at all.

I’ll probably try again to get Will down with the other boys sometime this weekend. I’m still debating with myself whether to wether him or keep him for breeding, but either way he needs to be weaned soon. If I leave him with the girls too much longer I’ll run the risk of him becoming fertile, and I don’t really want newborns in October or November.

Mira will miss her surrogate brother I’m sure, but at least she and Lady can still hang out together. Maybe spending so much time with a ewe lamb will persuade Lady she needs to have a girl next spring instead of these ornery ram lambs she keeps having. I need some more ewe lambs. Princess is right, my gender ratio is getting terribly skewed.

Jeb’s a good boy though, and grows a lovely big fleece. He’s a good addition to the flock.

“I think maybe I should try some of these ‘crunchies’ I keep hearing about…”

Welcome to the club, Jeb!


8 thoughts on “Cheaper By the (Baker’s) Dozen

  1. What a wonderful post! Jeb looks like a nice Shetland. Hope his fleece stays black. and those kids of your , what can one say? good Luck!!

    • Jeb is a nice Shetland. I think he should stay black, at least until he starts going gray with age. He’s three years old, so I think if he was going to fade like Barney did he would have already done it.

      My kids are spoiled. That’s about all one can say. 🙂

  2. Jeb is such a beautiful sheep. I really enjoy reading your posts because I can see the different personalities come out.

    • I think that’s one of the best things about having a small spinner’s flock, I can get to know each sheep well enough to see their individual personalities. 🙂

  3. I think a black Shetland fleece – oops, I mean sheep is a good addition to your flock (of *course* I mean fleece! 😉 )

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