Happy Mother’s Day!

I probably won’t get to post tomorrow, so I’m going to go ahead and do a Mother’s Day post today. I tried to get individual pictures of all my ewe-lamb pairs this morning, but they weren’t cooperating so I had to scroll back a few days on my camera card to find good pictures of them.


I did manage to get a pretty good picture of Princess with all of her various descendants, though. Bran’s (understandably) not super happy with me at the moment, so all the pictures I could get were of his tail. I don’t actually have many good pictures of him and Princess together, they don’t stick together as closely as the other pairs.


“I don’t know where he learns stuff like this…”

Maybe Little John thinks if he drinks the big boys’ water it’ll make him grow faster.

Lady and Will were hard to find a picture of; I had to go back almost a month to find one where Will wasn’t climbing on her like a little monkey.


“Now you stand up straight and smile at the camera!”

“But Mooooom…”

Lady must have the patience of a saint to have raised both Neo and Wee Willie.


“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

Actually I’m pretty sure she was thinking something more along the lines of “Where’s my bottle? Where’re my crunchies? Why aren’t you petting me? Can I chew the camera?” but oh well.

I was scrolling through some old photos last night, and I think Mira looks very much like her mother did as a lamb, back when I first got her.


Duchess was about 13-15 weeks old here. Mira’s 11 weeks old; still a little younger than Duchess was, but they do look remarkably alike. Duchess was a good bit bigger though, so I think Mira must still be very small for her age.


“This is my stump. I’m the only one allowed to stand on this stump.”

If she still looks like her mother when she grows up, she’ll be a very beautiful ewe.

And last but not least…


“Happy Mother’s Day, now hurry up and throw my frisbee!”

I’m overwhelmed by all the appreciation I get from my “kids.”

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