We seem to have skipped spring this year. Temperatures are in the mid-upper eighties all week, and we could really use some rain.

I felt bad having Liam and Bran wethered in this heat, but I don’t know when or if it’s going to get any cooler and it needed to be done.

I’ve been listening to the sheep yell all day, since Bran and Princess weren’t happy to be separated this morning while waiting for the vet. I tried to lock Princess in with Bran, but she busted the gate open and Bran was the only one I could recapture. I tied the bottom of the gate closed, and that kept him in, despite Mira’s best attempts to untie it.


“I’ll save you!”
She escaped out the gate as I was leaving, and I decided with the number of trips I was likely to be making I might as well let her tag along with me. She grazed a bit, then settled down next to me and took a nap under a shade tree until the vet came.



Not a bit spoiled, that girl.

Aside from the highly traumatic vet visit, I’ve been focusing most of my crafting attention on the Barney rug. It looks promising, now that it’s dry. It still has a lot of soap in it and it smells pretty sheepy, but that will come out in the wash after I’ve finished sewing up the gaps that didn’t felt together.

The bad part about sewing it up is that I hate sewing with every fiber (haha) of my being, and there’s quite a bit of sewing to do. I accidentally did half a seam in surgical stitches before I figured out why it was looking so puckered.

The good part is that I have the perfect yarn to sew it with. I had a bag of naturally colored BFL top I bought back when I was learning to spin that I never did anything with because the long staple drove me crazy. I’m glad I still had it, because it’s almost exactly the same shade as Barney’s greyed-out roots.

I’m still not ready for any big spinning projects, but I can spin small amounts for sewing easily enough, especially since most of it isn’t going to show, and what does show will be on the underside of the rug so it’s not crucial that the yarn be perfectly consistent. I’m just drafting it as thin as it will comfortably go and spinning it very high twist.


Once I had the worst gaps sewn together, I flipped the whole rug over to see what the right side was going to look like, and I think it’s going to be very pretty! His sun-bleached golden locks stayed together very well.



11 thoughts on “Summer?

  1. Your rug is looking better each time you show it!!
    Those baby lambs are really mischievous, just like little children.

  2. That Mia…..she WILL have her way! Hope the boys blame the vet and not you 🙂 That rug will be lovely to step on……if it ever gets cool again!

    • Neo doesn’t seem to blame me anymore, but he took one look at the vet today and sprinted for the farthest point of the pasture, so apparently he remembers her in a negative light. 🙂

    • I use Cleveland Animal Clinic in Gtown for the sheep, and I would recommend them. I don’t have the vet out very often, but I’ve never had a problem with them.
      Scott Co Vet Clinic also does farm visits and might be closer to you, I’m not sure. They do a good job with our dogs, but I’ve never had them out for the sheep so I don’t know how much experience they have with sheep.

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