Ouch, She Said Roofully.

My arm was feeling better today, so being the brilliant person that I am, I rooed Lady. My arm is no longer feeling better. I knew it was too soon to push it, but Lady’s wool was starting to fall off in big clumps and I wanted to collect it while there was still some to collect.


I stopped to stretch and take a picture at the halfway mark. I can’t get over how much hair is left behind when the wool is plucked away. Her wool was loose enough that I was able to roo the entire fleece, though I did clip off most of the hair after I was done. That was a relief, as it means I can process the whole fleece together. My hands were also grateful, as guard hair is much easier to cut than wool.

I let Mira “help” me for a while, but I ended up having to lock her out as she kept trying to eat the grocery wool bags and I was afraid she’d swallow a chunk of the plastic while I was preoccupied with Lady. I wasn’t left without lamb supervision, though. Will kept one eye on me while he dozed in the corner, and Mira yelled at watched me through one of the “windows” the sheep installed in the tarp.


“Mommy! You locked me out! How can you do anything without ME?”

Silly little cute lambie.


4 thoughts on “Ouch, She Said Roofully.

  1. “arm no longer feeling better’……dang it woman you sound like me!! My foot seems better maybe I’ll just go for a walk with one crutch and the dog………..no comment. I do like your supervisors though!! stay well!

    • I’m usually good about letting injuries heal, but I’m very not good at sitting still without something for my hands to do, so arm/hand injuries are especially frustrating.

  2. Rest your arm on all of that lovely wool. Watch Mira curl up on all of Princess’s wool. You’ll feel better.

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