Growing Like Weeds

The lambs are growing so fast it seems every time I look at them they’re bigger. Little John in particular is growing into (out of?) his name. He’s passed Mira in size, and is rapidly catching up to Will.


“Yay, I’m not the littlest anymore!”

“Yeah, whatever. My horns are still bigger!”

He’s the friendliest of the three ram lambs. He comes up every morning while I’m feeding Mira to investigate her bottle. Mira has no intentions of sharing.


“What are you drinking? Is it yummy?”

“Go away, Johnny! This is my milk!”

I finally got a milk mouth picture of Mira this morning, though she says it doesn’t count because she was still drinking. She’s a fastidious little girl and is always careful to dribble all the extra milk onto my pants as soon as she’s done with her bottle.


“Gulp, gulp, gulp!”

As soon as Mira’s bottle was gone, I had to hurry down to let the boys out. Neo starts his stopwatch the minute he sees me leave the house, and starts throwing a fit if I take too much extra time with the girls.


“Ggrrr, pushing this door looks so easy when Dad does it!”

Neo’s favorite begging trick is to push his head and neck so far through the cattle panels that he chokes himself. Liam, who’s just getting the hang of this whole begging thing, tries to imitate him but his head is too big to fit through.


“Ggrrr, pushing through this fence looks so easy when Neo does it!”

Liam’s making a determined effort, but he’ll have to work hard to out-beg Neo.


“Neener-neener, I can climb the fence and you can’t! Now ShepherdPerson will HAVE to give me the crunchies!”

“Show off!”

I think Prince Bran is going to be ready to be weaned soon; he’s started obsessing over Neo and Liam in the next field, staring at them, imitating their play, and trying to pick fights with them through the fence. I even saw him and Duke posturing and making faces at each other through the fence a few days ago. I think he’ll be in for a surprise when he actually moves over to the boys’ side, though. Bran the Brawny might be big stuff in the ewe pen, but he’s still smaller than any of the older boys and being Princess’s son won’t mean anything over there. He’ll catch up eventually, but in the meantime it won’t hurt him to be taken down a peg.

12 thoughts on “Growing Like Weeds

  1. You know, if they were all in a big flock you would never see all this interaction going on. so, don’t tell me ‘they’ are dumb animals!!! Quite the characters. thank you.

  2. It must be so interesting to just sit ands watch them in action! I’m sure all their individual personalities really are starting to come out.
    Liam’s body looks so small compared to his head and beautiful horns. Will he grow into them?

    • Liam’s only a yearling, so he should still have some growing to do. I’m not sure how long Shetlands take to mature, but Soays aren’t considered fully grown until they’re three years old.

  3. Too bad for Bran. He’ll be the shrimp (for a while). Mira, however, will always be the cutest, even when the bottle is just a memory.

    • It won’t do Bran a bit of harm to be the shrimp for a while. He’s getting too big for his (metaphorical) britches.
      Mira is definitely a cutie, and if she takes after her biological mother she’ll be stunning when she grows up. Actually I think the ram lambs think she’s stunning now. 🙂

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