Splendid Games

I’ve been letting Mira spend a couple of hours at a time out in the field lately, as she’s getting too big and rambunctious to run around the house. I feel terrible walking away and leaving her crying, but she stops crying as soon as I’m out of sight, and she does much better with the other sheep when I’m not there. Mostly she follows Will around and pesters him. I think she has a crush. They were curled up together basking in the sun a few minutes ago. I had to zoom way in to take the picture from the porch without disturbing them.


“Will is my bestest friend!”

From a genetic standpoint, Will is a surplus ram lamb that I really ought to sell as a breeding ram to another flock, but he’s so popular with the other lambs I doubt he’ll be going anywhere. All the lambs love Will. Little John hero worships Will, and Will thinks Bran is the coolest lamb ever, so they play follow the leader around the field, with Nova trailing after and grumbling worriedly.


They look like a size chart. Would you like that ram lamb large, medium, or small?

Mira and I sat out in the Clubhouse for half an hour or so after I put the sheep up last night, getting Mira used to being in there with the others. When I’m out there with her all she does is chew on my clothes and climb all over me, but it’s a start I suppose.


“Look, Mama! I’m tall now! I can reach your ears so much better from here!”

“Oh joy, you can chew my ears. Wonderful.”

John discovered the Splendid Game of climbing on the grain tray. The lambs always want to climb, whether on the tray, the fences, each other, or their mamas.

Of course, Will couldn’t let John have all the fun.


“I can reach Mama’s horn!”

“Um, Will? I think Auntie Duchess looks mad…”

None of these lambs are old enough to remember that Duchess is the undisputed Queen of the Tray. The only sheep that has ever successfully run Duchess off of that tray was Nova as a lamb. Duchess was not about to let those little boys stand on her tray!


“This is my tray. Nobody else stands on my tray.”

She stayed up there for a good 10-15 minutes. Not doing anything, just standing there with her front legs on the tray looking around and making sure everyone else stayed off of it. No wonder the tray has holes in the bottom.

Mira’s doing very well adapting to life outdoors, so hopefully weaning will be a fairly painless process when it comes time in a few weeks.


8 thoughts on “Splendid Games

  1. LOL, and who sez animals are dumb??? WHAT? SELL Will??? Mira’s bestest friend? You wouldn’t dare 🙂 The Duchess is well named, Queen of the Tray.

  2. I love the photo of Mira and Will together. It looks like they are smiling. Should I be a yenta and say “it’s a match!”?

  3. Duchess and her tray had me giggling, and like everyone else, the photo of Will and Mira with the sun kissing their faces is a total favorite.
    Very best,

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