Clear Morning

Here’s Liam’s (mostly) dry wool this morning in natural, not-yellow light:


It’s so white! It’s beautiful, but I’ve never had a white fleece before. What am I supposed to do with white wool? I’d like to make a sweater or vest, but I never wear white. I suppose I could dye it, but then it wouldn’t look like Liam anymore. I suppose I’ll just have to get used to wearing white! None of my friends will recognise me.

Little John is getting along very well, even though he’s the smallest lamb on the farm. I think he might have a double coat like Barney’s. His fleece is longer and curlier than the Soay lambs, but it lays flat against his sides in silky waves instead of standing up in soft little ringlets like Bran’s.


“Is he smaller than me?”


“Oh my goodness, he is!”

Johnny may be small, but he’s ready to be out in the world. He’s determined to go play with the other lambs, much to Nova’s distress. The whole morning was him trying to run off and join the games, with Nova constantly chasing after him yelling and trying to stick her head between him and the other lambs.


“Hi! Wanna play?”

“Little John! You come back here this minute!”


“I want to play jumping, too!”

“Oh no you don’t, you stay with me.”


“Whee! Now we’re playing chase! This is fun!”

“Nooooo! Come baaaack!”

Nova’s going to have a nervous breakdown before this lamb is grown, I think. At least he did get to play head-bonk with Will for a while, under Grandmother Princess’s (not so) watchful eye.


“He’s fine, dear. Believe me, I’ve done this twice now. You’ve got to relax. Let me babysit for a while.”

Princess does seem to be sticking pretty close to Nova ever since Nova lambed. Oddly, she’s sticking closer to Nova than to Bran, who pretty much only comes back to her when he’s hungry or sleepy, or if something scares him. But then, Princess has always been a permissive mother. She’s super-protective when her lambs are born, but after the first few days she’s not as clingy as the other sheep moms. As long as they remain within eyeshot and nobody’s crying, she’s always let both her lambs wander off and play all they like.

I’m going to take Mira back outside for a while soon. It’s been raining for two days so far and there’s more rain on the way this afternoon, but for now it’s sunny and I intend to make the most of it while it lasts. Eat grass while the sun shines, as the sheep always say.

5 thoughts on “Clear Morning

  1. Liam’s wool, you will Love it because it is His! Never mind that it is white 🙂 Nova vs Princess’s mothering…reminds me of a silly commercial where with the first child the mother just about want’s everyone to get into a hazmat suit before they go near the baby and with the second on she just hands him to a ‘dirty’ mechanic while she looks for her money! I laugh every time I see it and I have NO IDEA what they are advertising. Go Princess………

    • I’m pretty sure it is related to Nova being a first time mom, because Lady isn’t remotely as paranoid about Will as she was about Neo last year.

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