Little John’s Big Adventure

This morning I let Nova and Little John out, just before the sky opened and started dumping rain by the bucketload. It was already cloudy and the light was weird, so it played havoc with the color in most of the pictures.

I thought about calling this post “Yet Still More Introductions”, but this wasn’t strictly speaking an introduction since he’d already been “talking” with the others through the walls.


“Hello, LittleNewSheep! My name’s Will, what’s yours?”

Will’s just trying to get a good view, he’s not standing on that tray to make himself taller, or anything.

The other boys were quite excited to meet the new member of their band of Merry Men. Unfortunately Prince Bran only knows one way to introduce himself.


“Hi! Let’s bonk heads!”

“Um, I don’t think I want to play that game…”

Nova got very upset and started butting the other lambs away from her baby, and everybody ended up in quite a stir.

Mira decided there was entirely too much fighting going on and demanded to be held.


“Up, Mommy! I want up!”

Once the gate was open, Mira wanted back down so she could run off and play with the boys. She’s finally gotten the hang of playing head-bonking games.


“I’m the toughest!”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

She’s also figured out a Splendid Game called Flirt-With-The-Boys-And-Make-Them-All-Flustered. Duchess must have taught her that one. I guess that’s what comes of having Duchess for a mother, along with other troublesome tendencies.


“Now if I can just work this chain free…” 

Duchess could jump that 5′ fence when she was three months old. Mira can clear almost any barrier I try to put in her way, and is very close to being able to jump the baby gate in the house. I have a suspicion I’ll never get her to stay anywhere unless she jolly well wants to.

Nova couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted to have the other sheep around or not. She spent about half her time calling for Princess, and the other half trying to chase everyone away from her baby. Little John was equally uncertain about whether he wanted to go play with the big kids or hide behind his mama.


“That looks like fun! Can I go play with them, Mama?”

“No you may not, they’re annoying little twerps.”

Funny how all the ewes always think it’s the other lambs that cause all the trouble.

It was a fairly short excursion, before the monsoon began and sent everyone scrambling for cover. Hopefully there will be some sunshine for the lambs to play in soon.


8 thoughts on “Little John’s Big Adventure

  1. Little John is so ‘fuzzy’ ! Funny how ‘they’ (Mira) go from help/me, save/me to let me go and Play.
    Just like children, which of course they are 🙂 Great pictures, thanks.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Our boys give two thumbs up to Shepherd Life :}

    Little John sure is a cutie, but I have a soft spot for Mira, who so big-eyed pitifully wants to be in your arms, and then wriggles down again when she feels secure again.

    Very best, and hope that the fields aren’t sopping or worse — ponding — after the almost week of amazing rains,


    • The fields aren’t sopping or ponding– they’re laking! It’s a bit better today than it was yesterday, but it’s very wet out there.
      I have a soft spot for Mira as well. Being the only girl out of four lambs does have its advantages!

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