Spring Evenings


“What’re you eating, Mama? Is it yummy?”
“Mrmble grmble!”


“Heeey, what’re you trying to pull here? This isn’t milk!”


“Those’re feed pellets, SillyNewSheep! Mom’s supposed to feed them to me, but she got mixed up and gave them to your mama instead.”


“Don’t worry, Mom! There were some left in the bag, so I helped myself.”

Those were supposed to be the boys’ bedtime snack… Sigh. Lambs. The cereal bag makes a delightful rustling noise, so it’s a Splendid Game to steal it and shake it as hard as possible. This has the added benefit of occasionally causing yummy stuff to go flying out in all directions.

Speaking of the boys, somebody (presumably Duke) took a big chunk of skin off of Liam’s hip the other night, so Duke and Barney have been kicked out of the ram pen again. They are obviously suffering in their place of exile.


“This is so boring! There’s nothing to do except eat all this green grass and sleep under the trees or in our tarp house!”
I’m sure that’ll teach them a lesson. Serves them right, picking on poor little Liam.


Why’s everybody so mean to me?”

Neo’s in there too, but he was too busy attending to his duties as official flock P.E.S.T. to have his picture taken. He’s gotten tall enough that if he stands on his hind legs he can shove his nose into my coat pocket. He’s making full use of this new ability.

Little John seems to have his hooves well under him and Nova’s getting restless, so I may try some supervised mixing with the rest of the flock tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Spring Evenings

  1. Poor Liam……..there’s always one isn’t there!! How long do you think those boyz are going to remember why they are out there? haha Glad Little John is well on his way 🙂 Whew !

    • I think they’ve already forgotten. If they ever knew at all. They like that pen, so it’s more a preventive measure than a punishment.
      I’m very relieved that the waiting is over for Nova and me, and everything turned out ok!

    • I’m not sure, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s either a) because he’s an easy target, being small, b) because he’s a threat to Duke’s breeding rights, being intact, or c) because he looks different, being white. Possibly all three. He’s still very young, so he’ll probably grow a lot over the summer, which might help him stand up for himself better.

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