At Long Last, the Last Lamb!

Nova had a nice healthy ram lamb a few minutes after midnight on Easter morning! I know the time, because Watcher has a magical collie ability to detect when lambs are born, even when they’re in the Clubhouse and he’s asleep in the house. He makes sure their birth announcements are nice and loud.

This means I finish out the lambing season with a gender ratio of 3:1, 4:1 if you count the little boy that didn’t make it. I wish Lady had had a ewe lamb, but it’s convenient that both crossbred lambs are male. I’m really only interested in the first generation or F1 cross, and once they’re wethered I don’t have to worry about the crossbreds being accidentally crossed back on either parent breed.

I expected the lamb to be huge like Bran, but he’s about the same size Will was when he was born. He looks tiny next to the rest of the lambs though, as they all had 4-6 weeks head start. He’s the only lamb on the farm smaller than Mira. So now I only have one pressing question: Princess, if it wasn’t hybrid vigor, what on earth is up with your giant lamb?


“Because he’s MINE, obviously, and I always have the biggest and the best. Stop asking stupid questions and open this gate!”

That’s a six week old lamb. Six. Weeks. He’s almost as tall as Nova. I wonder what he’ll think of his new little brother?


“Everybody’s little compared to me!”

There was a bit of confusion when the lamb was first born, as the baby really wanted to nurse but neither he nor Nova could quite figure out how that was done. His mouth was warm when I checked on him this morning though, so they must have figured it out. Nova’s a first time mother, so this whole thing is a bit confusing to her.


“I don’t know what happened or what’s going on, and I don’t know where this lamb came from, but it’s mine, don’t touch it!”

The lamb’s back is a normal Soay brown, but he has a lot more white shading on his throat and sides than usual for a Soay. He also has the same not-Soay head shape as Bran, but he’s not as fluffy. Not yet, anyway. He and Bran are a lot less alike than I expected, considering they’re genetically what I think is called 3/4 siblings or something like that.


“He’s perfect, much better than those annoying half-brothers of mine. And he’s mine, don’t touch him!”

My previous resolution to name him Lazybones fell through, as he seems pretty alert and energetic so far. He’s going to be Little John instead, as I can’t resist the double irony of the name. Technically in King Raven the character of Little John was named Iwan, which is apparently the Welsh version of John, but the English Friar Tuck often called him Little John or Wee John, so I’m going to say it counts.


8 thoughts on “At Long Last, the Last Lamb!

  1. HAPPY EASTER LAMB!!! Thank the Goddess, yes I’m mixing and matching 🙂 but I am so happy for you and Nova for a healthy beautiful Little John ! He is gorgeous. Good job to all.

  2. Such a sweet wee one, and what a lovely Easter present. Nova, you done good 😉 !

    Bran does *not* look like a six-week old lamb. Are you sure Liam was the father, and not a stray Dall sheep or something?

    • I’m fairly certain Liam’s the father, but when he came out so huge I did have my suspicions about my grandfather’s calves next door… 🙂

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