Sunny Days!

Sunny days are wonderful! My mood is almost always directly proportional to the amount of sunlight, so I feel much more optimistic today.
Mira and I spent a good long time outside today, and she’s started grazing just like a big girl! And not just onion grass, either.


“You know, this ‘grass’ stuff isn’t as bad as I thought!”
Sun might be good for my mental health, but it’s not so good for photography. Especially if you forget your real camera in the house and have to use your phone camera.
I was very pleased with her today, even though she still got distracted by the occasional stick…


“Are you sure I can’t eat sticks?”
And of course she had to check in frequently to make sure it wasn’t time for a bottle.


“All this eating is making me hungry!”
It’s good she’s getting to like it outdoors, as I think her days in the house are limited. My grandmother lamb-sat for me while I was at work today, and apparently her activities included eating the cover off of a phone book, dragging a lamp off the table by its power cord, and knocking a curtain down rod and all. I was there for the Curtain Incident. She scared herself silly when it fell on top of her and took off through my grandmother’s house with the white curtain draped over her like a tiny, bleating ghost. It’s a good thing she’s too cute to get mad at.
The boys kept picking on Liam even after he was sheared, badly enough that I had to split them up for a few days. First I left just Liam and Neo together for 24 hours, then I put Barney with them overnight, then Duke the next morning. They seem to be getting along pretty well again, at least for now. Liam knocked Barney down today, so I suppose he’s tired of being the punching bag.


“Why does everybody pick on me?”
Poor little guy. It’s hard being a Shetland surrounded by all those Soay attitudes. I’m afraid they’ve finally driven Barney out of his senses, as he’s been ceaselessly banging his head into the Clubhouse walls lately. I’ve been tempted to join him a time or two over the last few days, but for now things are definitely looking up.


6 thoughts on “Sunny Days!

  1. YEA, eating grass……
    wow, your poor grandmother, am sure Mira is faster than she is! What a weasel 🙂 It is amazing how those boys knock each other around and don’t really hurt each other…hope Barney hasn’t given himself a headache !!

  2. When Fenn was a house lamb, he destroyed every phone cord in the house. He could chew through a phone cord in less than half a second (just as long as it took to glance away from him.) When left outside unsupervised, he also chewed through the cord bringing the phone lines into the house… Cell phones and VoIP only here now! He also sucked keys off two keyboards, among other less memorable destruction..:) Sheep seem to love chewing plastic more than anything else!

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